WATCH: Donald Trump Complains That Time Magazine Changed ‘Man of the Year’ to ‘Person of the Year’

During an event in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, today, Donald Trump complained about Time Magazine renaming their “Man of the Year” award “Person of the Year.”

Trump was in Baton Rouge to campaign for John Neely Kennedy ahead of the Louisiana runoff election, although he spent very little time talking about Kennedy and mainly bragged about winning the election last month.

Toward the end of the rally, the president-elect discussed the fact that he was recently named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year for 2016, but he took issue with the fact that the publication changed this award from Man of the Year, saying that this is an example of PC culture.

“They were very politically correct,” Trump said.

Trump then polled the audience, asking who would prefer the award be called Person of the Year versus Man of the Year. Almost everyone in attendance indicated that they wanted it to be called Man of the Year. Trump then said that this is why the magazine industry is failing.

This is the second time Trump has voiced this complaint during rallies this week. Time changed the title to person of the year in 1999, though they had given the title to women before.

Trump went on to say that Time was being nasty when they put the caption “president of the divided states of America” underneath Trump, saying that he didn’t do anything to divide the country because he isn’t in office yet.

“I said, ‘Wait a minute, I haven’t run this yet,'” Trump said. “So [they’re] trying to be a little bit nasty, but I haven’t run anything.”

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