Donald Trump Polls: Americans Praise Carrier Deal, Doubt Wall Promise

Donald Trump Cincinnati, Donald Trump Ohio, Donald Trump Ohio Rally

Donald Trump speaks at a post-election rally in Cincinnati, Ohio. (Getty)

Most Americans maintain a more favorable view of President-Elect Donald Trump in light of his recent deal with Carrier, but they still doubt at least one of his major promises, a series of new polls has shown.

In the days following the election, Donald Trump had maintained a historically low favorable rating for a president-elect, with a plurality of Americans having an unfavorable opinion of him. But Trump scored a major public relations win last week when he successfully made a deal with Carrier wherein the company would keep hundreds of jobs in the United States instead of moving them to Mexico as originally planned. This came as a result of Trump offering the company tax breaks. However, Carrier is still outsourcing over 1,000 jobs.

Here are some of the most interesting recent polls related to President-Elect Donald Trump.

Politico/Morning Consult: 60 Percent Approve of Carrier Deal

Donald Trump press conference, Donald Turmp last press conference, Donald Trump Miami

Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Miami, Florida. (Getty)

A recent poll conducted by Politico and Morning Consult found that 60 percent of Americans view Donald Trump more favorably in light of the recent Carrier deal. This includes 89 percent of Trump voters and 32 percent of Clinton voters.

However, Donald Trump’s actual favorable rating has only gone up two percentage points since two weeks ago. Forty-eight percent of those polled said they have a favorable opinion of Trump compared to 47 percent who have an unfavorable opinion.

In general, most Americans approve of the type of behavior that occurred during the Carrier deal, i.e. a president directly negotiating with a private company and giving them incentives to stay in the United States. Sixty-two percent of all voters said it’s acceptable for a president to offer tax breaks to a company in exchange for them keeping jobs in America, and 51 percent said it’s acceptable for a president to directly negotiate with a private business. Although this is the type of thing Republicans usually oppose, 69 percent of Republicans said they are in favor of the president negotiating with a private business.

Finally, voters across the aisle are generally in agreement that Trump needs to stop using Twitter. Forty-nine percent of voters said that Trump’s use of Twitter is a bad thing compared to just 23 percent who said it’s a good thing. Clinton voters were much more likely to see it as bad, though, and a plurality of Trump voters said it’s a good thing.

George Washington University: Most View Trump More Favorably Since Election But Think The Wall Won’t Be Built

Donald Trump Secretary of State, Donald Trump Cabinet, Donald Trump Cabinet picks

Donald Trump in Washington, D.C. following a meeting with Senate Republicans. (Getty)

The latest poll from George Washington University looks good for Trump in that Americans have a much more favorable view of the president-elect compared to a month ago. However, more people still view him negatively than view him positively. In this poll, 45 percent have a favorable opinion of Trump compared to 49 percent who have an unfavorable opinion; in mid-October, only 36 percent of Americans had a favorable opinion of Trump.

About half of those polled, 47 percent, said that what they’ve seen and read about Trump since the election has improved their opinion of him.

Meanwhile, though, Americans still doubt that some of Trump’s signature promises will get done. Fifty-five percent of those polled said it’s not likely that Trump’s Southern border wall will get built, compared to 41 percent who said it is likely. However, 79 percent said it’s likely that Obamacare will be repealed, 66 percent said Trump will get his infrastructure plan enacted, and 71 percent said he will accomplish tax reform.

When asked what Trump should focus on in his first 100 days, a plurality of those polled – 23 percent – said he should focus on the economy and jobs. The next most popular answer was the division in the country followed by health care.

CBS News: 48 Percent of Republicans Don’t Want Obamacare to Be Repealed

Donald Trump, Registered voters, How many voters voted, 2016 election numbers

Donald Trump delivers his acceptance speech on November 9th in New York City. (Getty)

Surprisingly, a CBS News poll released this week shows that not all Republicans necessarily want to see Obamacare get repealed.

Of the Republicans polled, only 52 percent said they want to repeal the Affordable Care Act. This is down from 69 percent before the election. Also, 24 percent of Republicans now say they simply want to see the law scaled back, compared to 11 percent who said the same thing before the election.

Overall, only about 26 percent of all voters said the law should be completely repealed, while a plurality of voters – 30 percent – want to see it expanded. Nineteen percent said it should be kept the same, and 17 percent said it should be scaled back.

Finally, 42 percent of those polled said that Republicans should wait to repeal the Affordable Care Act until they have a replacement plan. This stands in contrast to Republicans’ current plan to immediately repeal the law and then work on a replacement.


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I don’t know why he would get such a positive rating for this deal. The deal is for Carrier, not the country and not those jobs (in the long run). He kept VP-elect Pence as Governor just long enough to cut a check to Carrier for this “jobs deal.” They can’t use Federal $$ for this but they can use State $$. So that’s what they did. So, if you’re from Indiana, you’ve been taxed! HAHAHAHA. It’s also my understanding that the deal was for $7-$10M over a 7-10 year period. So, in essence, Trump bought those jobs. And they will go as soon as Carrier has spent the $$$. And, why is Trump allowed to do this as President-elect? So this all makes Trump look very good but I suggest Trumpsters learn to read between the lines and do your fact-checking. Oh, wait. The press is fake news. Hmmm. So only Donald Trump’s words are the truth? Wow. How delusional can it get?


Yeah, and who is going to make up all that lost revenue that should be going to schools, universities, roads, and other infrastructure. All that;s gone now since Trump decided to pay Carrier’s blackmail. Guess it’s easy to spend working men and women;s dollars, when you, yourself don’t pay any taxes yourself.

James Turner

Let him use Twitter he sure cant get the truth from the Media which has an approval rating of 6%. After they got their Obamacare Insurance hikes neither Hillary or Obama get a positive rating and many will not even be able to afford the new health care. How is that helping anyone.


Obama leaves the Presidency with one of the highest Presidential ratings approval of the last 50+ years . . . he stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Reagan, Eisenhower, and Clinton . . . of course, you won’t believe what I write, James, as like all Trump groupies you have no use for the facts!

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