WATCH: Donald Trump Says ‘We Don’t Care’ About Locking Up Hillary Clinton

During a rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Friday, President-Elect Donald Trump dismissed his supporters’ call to lock up Hillary Clinton.

At the event, Trump talked about the results of the 2016 election, and as soon as he mentioned Hillary Clinton, those in attendance began to chant “lock her up” as they often did during campaign rallies. During the election, Trump usually encouraged these chants and agreed that Clinton should be put in jail, with his typical response being “she should be locked up.” But his reaction on Friday was quite different.

“That plays great before the election…now we don’t care,” he said.

Trump has previously stated that he no longer has any interest in pursuing charges against Hillary Clinton for her use of a private e-mail server while she was secretary of state, but this was the first time Trump seemingly admitted that he never cared about it that much and that it was only a catchy slogan.

“I don’t want to hurt them,” Trump said of the Clintons during an interview with 60 Minutes. “I don’t want to hurt them. They’re good people. I don’t want to hurt them.”

“Lock her up” chants have broken out during most of Trump’s recent “Thank You” rallies, but the president-elect has not responded to them until tonight. The first time that they occurred, he smiled, shook his head and continued to speak.

Despite this break from Trump’s campaign rhetoric, the remainder of the Grand Rapids rally gave Trump’s fans exactly what they look for in Trump rallies, including at least 15 minutes of the president-elect talking about how well he did on Election Day and making fun of the media for being wrong about the outcome.


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If you don’t Lock her up .she might Lock you up !. I guarantee that she has good record of hitting her target swiftly.


It’s more likely to be the Republicans who get Trump in trouble so their boy Pence can be president. I’m sure they’ll be more comfortable.

Concerned Citizen

Dear President-Elect Trump – The thing is we do care about their crimes and gross negligence against the security of our country. Sweeping the Clintons’ many crimes against our country under the rug as a campaign slogan is very insulting to your supporters and the rest of the country. We do care about their crimes and any other politician’s crimes against our country and want them to be held accountable. They should not be Teflon coated just because they hold the name Clinton – justice is supposed to be blind (even if they have enough skeletons to blackmail the entire government). We should not have a two tier justice system where elites and their “friends” (for example, the Obama administration lying and colluding to protect the Clintons from justice) cover up for one another and do not hold each other accountable just because they are in government.

Government officials and candidates are supposed to work for the citizens of this country, not each other, and should not be above the law while the rest of the country is held to a different standard. Letting them go scot-free is a double-standard as many citizens and whistle blowers have been put in prison for far less and/or for speaking the truth. IMHO you are going back on a main campaign promise if you do not at least let your AG and congress move forward to look into this and do their job free of political influence as this sets a dangerous precedent in this country to inflict tyranny on its citizens while letting government criminals go free with no consequences for their actions. I hope that you do realize that this is one reason why you were elected to be our president and it was a campaign promise that should be fulfilled. If not, so much for draining the swamp. Please don’t bow to corrupt political pressure, it doesn’t become you.


Concerned Citizen …. I could not agree with you more …. Hillary needs to pay for her corrupt actions as any citizen would have to … and Mr Trump … you were elected because we believed what you said to us on the campaign trail … and to hear you now say locking her up was no more than a catchy phrase during the campaign makes me sick … We voted for you because we thought justice would be served………….and you are disappointing~


Did you actually believe all the rhetoric? You are a fool. Trump was just having fun during the election and said things for shock value and reactions. Dumb Americans voted for him based on rhetoric and they were too dumb to see the joke was on them. Trump will not help the average american he is surrounding himself with the establishment and the elite. Those uneducated and unemployed will still be I in four years.

Concerned Citizen

Apparently Anonymous is just another snowflake Clinton troll who is still butt-hurt because their criminal candidate lost a fair election – twice.


There was no justice that needed to be served. What upset you was mostly fake news spread all over the internet by the Trump campaign PR machine. Except for the fact that she was careless as was George W Bush before her. None of the US governments have handled email properly since email began. George W Bush lost 2 million emails.

Michael Coyle

Just hoping myself, but consider this. What do you suppose would happen (absolutely) if Trump continued with the pre-election rhetoric about locking her up? The power of the executive is firm here. If it were myself, I’d project a conciliatory tone for a variety of reasons and then once sworn to office – I’d quietly defer to the new (hopefully restored) justice dept. and say “well, it’s out of my hands and while I’m not personally pursuing any potential wrongdoing by the Clinton’s, I have faith and certainly I give my trust to the judgment of those who are charged and qualified to assess whether any further investigation is appropriate.” I don’t think Obama likes the Clinton’s (and on this matter I’d be in rare agreement). Until now, the only hope Obama had to preserve his legacy was Hillary, but ironically now his only hope rests with the good will of Trump (regardless of the calculation of the truer odds). But if Trump continued to press, a perhaps disinterested Obama might become politically compelled to act with the power of the executive for Hillary’s behalf (at which point she’s beyond our justice again and forever). She’s going after Trump by proxy (the cagey b1+(#) – and while she’s goring his oxen from on low (indirectly by blaming media or conscripting others in an attempt to morally delegitimize his win) she’s certainly following her natural instincts above what’s really good for her (if she had decency or a clue – she’d keep her mouth shut). I certainly hope she keeps shooting her mouth off, and even more so. I hope Trump (and I believe he is aware of the relevant necessities) continues with a disinterested air. One can only hope and dream of Hillary’s introduction to Lady Justice (who’s outstretched hand she wouldn’t recognize without the typical donation).


Dear Concerned Citizen. Remember that speech when Comrade Trump said “And you can tell them to go f*&# themselves”? He was talking about his supporters too. Welcome to Trumpland. It could not happen to more worthy targets.


Except the FBI said there was no crime just carelessness. All the pretence of a crime was just to win the election which he’s admitted. Those Youtube videos you watched were made by shills paid for by the Trump campaign.


And in addition to the fact it was mostly shill made nonsense, that gross negligence was also done by Bush and was a problem with the US government since email first began. No US government has ever had proper security on their emails. Apparently their IT people didn’t have the balls to tell them what not to do. George W Bush lost 22 MILLION emails. Far more than Hillary. It was never a Clinton problem.

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