Electoral College Results: Trump Gets 270 Votes Needed to Win [MAP]

trump wins electoral college

Trump has unofficially received the votes he needs in the Electoral College. (Getty)

Although the official results of each state’s electoral college votes won’t be announced until a joint session of Congress on January 6, unofficial results show that President-Elect Donald Trump has received the 270 electoral votes that he needs to win. The winning votes came from Texas, which cast 36 of its 38 votes for Trump. This gave him a total of 304 electoral votes, with only two states left not reporting. Later, those states also reported in, giving Clinton 227 electoral votes and Trump 304.

Here’s a map of the electoral college after Trump’s win:

electoral college results

(Courtesy of 270toWin)

Local news, electors, and state officials have been sharing their vote results today as they have come in. As a result, we don’t have to wait until January to know the unofficial results. Of course, these still need to be officially counted in Congress. But it seems safe to say that Donald Trump will, indeed, be our President.

Despite a huge push to get Republican electors to either vote for a different Republican candidate or to flip their vote to Hillary Clinton, so far it looks like hardly any elector ultimately went faithless. At one point, some people were saying they had heard that as many as 20 electors or more might have flipped. But most states are reporting faithful electors across the board.

The only official faithless electors were 5 who flipped against Clinton and 2 who flipped against Trump.

To see a state-by-state list of how electors voted, please visit our story below: