Gatlinburg Fire: Prayers & Quotes on the Tennessee Tragedy

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Many people have emotional ties to Gatlinburg, Tennessee and the Smoky Mountains region. People make their living there, they live there, they vacation there, they honeymoon there, and they develop family memories there. Thus, news of the major Gatlinburg fire caused emotional reactions in people who took to social media to express them on Twitter and Facebook. Here are some inspirational and positives memes designed to support the Gatlinburg area and its people. Many people throughout the country have come together to offer emotional words of support but also to donate time and money to help people recover from their losses. Those losses have been devastating and steep. At least seven people were killed in the blaze. In addition, many businesses, resorts, landmarks, and homes were lost to the fire, which was likely caused by humans, according to officials, who have not released additional details on the cause. As has been seen with other national tragedies, the country comes together to help and people are mourning with Tennessee. This is especially true because Gatlinburg is an area that so many people have visited. Many people posted memories of their vacations in the area on social media also. Officials continue to battle active fires in the tragedy. Families and friends have posted photos in search of missing people. The photos show great devastation as well-known landmarks turn to ash. The community has vowed to remain strong and to rebuild the beautiful and majestic tourist area. Wildfires are not that uncommon in the Tennessee area, but this degree of devastation is rare. (Twitter)