Hand Out Gloves on ‘Shark Tank’: A Look Into the Company

Hand Out Gloves2016-12-09T18:56:22Z

Hand Out Gloves, waterproof gloves and mittens that have zippers which allow you to take out your fingers, entered the Shark Tank in Season 8.

We interviewed president Jake Sullivan, who pitched the winter accessories with Bally’s Total Fitness founder Don Wildman, the oldest Ironman triathlete.

He told us he purchased the business, rebranded and took over the patent in the winter of 2013. After making a few tweaks to the design, they had their first prototype. Once in the Tank, his nerves did not get the best of him. “We were confident in our product and knew the Sharks would love it too. The gloves speak for themselves,” Sullivan said.

The business is based in Utah, which Sullivan said is a prime location to run a cold-weather company. “We are right in the heart of the snow sports culture. We have the greatest snow on earth, with a insane community surrounding it.”

As for their bestselling items, they are their Pro Glove and Sport Glove. And as for competing products on the market, there are other access gloves, however, none enable use of all five fingers.

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Shark Tank products for the holidays:

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