Kanye West & Donald Trump Memes: The Funniest Jokes & Tweets

When Kanye West met Donald Trump on December 13 at Trump Tower to talk about “multicultural issues,” the jokes flew. It almost wrote itself.

The pair emerged for a handshake, with Trump declaring that they have been friends for a long time who talked about life. “Just friends. Just friends. He’s a good man… He’s doing well. We’ve been friends for a long time,” Trump told reporters. After standing expressionless, West responded, “I just wanted to take a picture right now” as reporters peppered him with questions about whether he was going to perform at the inauguration or still run for president in 2020. “You take care of yourself. I’ll see you soon,” Trump told West.

West later tweeted that he wanted to talk with Trump about “multicultural issues,” as well as Chicago violence, bullying, “supporting teachers, modernizing curriculums.”

Some people were upset about all of the media attention granted to the Kanye/Trump meeting, especially with continued deaths and injuries to children in Aleppo.

Several posts mocked Kanye’s fashion line.

Some wondered what Kim was thinking about all of this, since she previously posted a selfie with Hillary Clinton (Kanye was in the background of it). Shortly after the election, West announced from a concert stage that he did not vote but, if he would have voted, it would have been for Trump. He was also overhead making a similar point on an airplane as far back as March, but he donated money to Clinton’s presidential campaign.

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