Lisa Marie Naegle: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Lisa Marie Naegley. (Twitter/PiscesLM368)

Lisa Marie Naegley. (Twitter/PiscesLM368)

36-year-old Lisa Marie Naegle, a former reality show contestant, went missing after attending a birthday party December 18 in Torrance, California.

The missing woman worked as a nurse and was last seen leaving a party with a male nursing student identified as Jackie Jerome Rogers.

Rogers, who was reportedly a student of Naegle’s, was arrested on suspicion of murder and allegedly admitted to the crime, the Associated Press reported.

Authorities said they discovered a body in a shallow grave Tuesday evening at Rogers’ residence, which they “strongly believe” is Naegle’s, USA Today reported.

Naegle’s disappearance created a social media storm, where friends and family desperately shared her picture in hopes of getting answers as to where their loved one is.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. She Was Reported Missing After Failing to Arrive Home & to Work

Family members told ABC 7 that Naegle went missing after attending a friend’s 40th birthday party. According to the station, Naegle’s husband, Derek Harryman, said he received a text message from Naegle in the early-morning hours of December 18 stating that she was getting food and would head home afterwards.

However, Naegle failed to return home and also didn’t show up to teach a scheduled nursing class.

The missing woman was a registered nurse at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center and also taught nursing courses at West Los Angeles College, the Orange County Register reported.

Heavy spoke with Naegle’s sister, Danielle Naegle-Kaimona, who described her sister with love and said she has been “a mess” since the disappearance. “She is fun, loving, outgoing and would do anything for her family and friends,” Naegle-Kaimona told Heavy. “She was the best aunt to my kids…she is my baby sister & I love her…I just want her back home.”

2. She Was Murdered With a Hammer, TMZ reported

Authorities found a body on Rogers’ property that they “strongly believe” is that of Naegle. “We can confirm a body which we believe is Lisa Marie was discovered in a shallow grave at the suspect’s home,” police spokesman Sal Ramirez said Tuesday night, according to USA Today. “The detectives strongly believe it is her.”

TMZ reported that “Naegle was murdered after suffering repeated blows to the head with a hammer, and cops say they have their man.”

Law Enforcement sources told TMZ that Naegle was “struck 7 times with the tool, after she and Jackie went to a nearby Jack in the Box.”

3. She Was Having an Affair With Rogers, According to Family

According to ABC 7, family members said Naegle was last seen with Rogers, whom she attended a birthday party with.

Rogers told authorities he was having an affair with Naegle, according to Naegle’s sister, ABC 7 reported.

Though surveillance footage allegedly showed Naegle getting into an SUV belonging to Rogers, Naegle’s sister told ABC 7 that the man denied leaving the party with her. She told the station:

We begged and pleaded that he’d come to our home to kind of give us details on what time, where were things, and when he left her, but while he was talking to us and telling us his story, multiple different times he said he absolutely did not go home with her, or did not take her home.

Naegle-Kaimona said Rogers told police he dropped Naegle off at an intersection, and that was the last time he saw her, according to ABC 7.

Naegle-Kaimona also told the station that a friend of hers who was also at the party sent her photos showing Naegle with the man.

According to the Daily Breeze, Naegle’s husband said he tried calling his wife repeatedly after she went missing, but said that she never answered. He also reportedly tried hacking into her Apple devices to activate the “Find My iPhone” app that could potentially help to locate her.

ABC 7 reported that Naegle-Kaimona said Rogers told police the reason his story kept switching was because of the affair with Naegle.

4. She Was a Former Contestant on the Reality Show Bridalplasty

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Naegle competed on E! television’s Bridalplasty in 2010, where she came in fourth place. On the show, future brides lived in the same home and competed in challenges that helped make them “the perfect bride.” The winner received an all-expenses-paid dream wedding along with free plastic surgery.

“Everybody is beyond frustrated, beyond worried,” Naegles husband said Monday, according to the Daily Breeze. “I’m flipping out…We are trying to have a baby. We are looking forward to starting a family.”

5. Anyone With Information is Asked to Contact Authorities

A missing person flyer for Naegle. Facebook

A missing person flyer for Naegle. (Facebook)

Naegle is described as being 5’6 and 145 pounds. She has ashe blonde hair and was last seen wearing a black top, cream skirt and black shoes or boots with tights.

Anyone with information linked to the disappearance is asked to contact the Los Angeles Police Department Harbor Division at 310-726-7700.

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