Electoral College Results: More Electors Flip from Clinton than from Trump

electors flipped

More electors flipped from Clinton than Trump today. (Getty)

In an election that has been full of surprises, the electoral college results today were no exception. Thousands of voters had pushed for electors to flip from President-Elect Donald Trump and vote for Hillary Clinton. But not only did the majority remain true to their candidate and give Trump a resounding victory, Clinton ended up losing more electors than Trump in the final count.

Here’s what you need to know.

A total of five electors flipped from Hillary Clinton, compared to two who flipped from Donald Trump. This was not what many people had expected.

In Texas, one elector voted for Ron Paul and one voted for John Kasich instead of Trump. (And one resigned and was replaced.)

Meanwhile, five electors flipped from Clinton: three voted for Colin Powell in Washington, one voted for Bernie Sanders in Hawaii, and one voted for Faith Spotted Eagle in Washington. The three who flipped to Colin Powell were likely part of the Hamilton Electors, who wanted to vote for a compromise Republican in order to try to stop Trump from winning. But in addition to these, two more electors tried to flip from Clinton to Bernie Sanders in Maine and Minnesota, but one was replaced and the other changed his vote after the first was declared invalid. And yet another elector in Colorado attempted to flip from Clinton to Kasich, while wearing a shirt supporting Bernie Sanders, and that person was also replaced.

So in total, five electors flipped from Clinton and three more attempted to flip from Clinton and were stopped. Meanwhile, two flipped from Trump and one resigned.

The total of seven electors who flipped was historic, marking the most faithless electors in the presidential vote since 1796, Nate Silver pointed out:

This was definitely an election that will be remembered in the history books.

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