Nootrobox on ‘Shark Tank’: A Look Inside the Company

Nootrobox entered the Shark Tank in Season 8 with its nootropics, supplements that enhance cognition.

We interviewed founder Geoffrey Woo, who told us you can buy his products on their website and on Amazon. As for future plans, he said, “We’ve partnered with 7-Eleven in the Bay Area market and expect to roll out more broadly in Q1 next year. We want to partner with everyone!”

The company is known for its chewable coffee, Go Cubes. “Sales have been awesome,” Woo said about the supplement that eliminates the negative affects of coffee. “Millions of cubes are out there fueling the world. We’ve only been on e-commerce so far, and we are expanding aggressively in retail now.”

Here’s what else he told us about…

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How the Idea Came About

Optimizing brain function is the highest leverage problem we can solve. Imagine if we’re all just a few percent more productive each day and imagine multiplying across all of humanity; that’s a lot of good we can do for the world. Biohacking is looking at the human body from an engineering approach and quantifiably optimizing it. Our computer science and engineering backgrounds gave us the motivation to use the same systems thinking that we apply to computers and machines to the human body.

Their Products

Go Cubes are chewable coffee cubes that eliminate the downsides of coffee like jitteriness and the crash. Our nootropics like Rise, Sprint, Yawn, and KADO-3 are supplements to optimize and maintain peak cognitive performance across different aspects of cognition. 

Pros & Cons to Running a Business in SF

The pros are that the ambitious and most forward thinking people in the world are in San Francisco. Here, it’s Florence of today’s Renaissance. The con is that the cost of living is notoriously high.

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‘Tank’ Experience

One of Shark Tank’s producers reached out and thought we would be a good fit for the show. We jumped at the opportunity to introduce biohacking to millions of Americans. No. [We weren’t nervous in the Tank] We explain biohacking and Nootrobox to people on a daily basis, so doing that in front of the Sharks just felt like another day in the office.

Scientific Background

Michael and I both studied Computer Science at Stanford. I previously founded and sold a company that I started out of my college dorm room, and Michael was a Product Manager at YouTube/Google. We have MD/PhD’s on the science team and we constantly update our products as new science and R&D come in. We’re in version 2 or 3 for all of our products.

Interested in Nootrobox? Buy products here.

Buy chewable coffee here.

Shark Tank products for the holidays: