Tree Falls on Whittier, California Wedding Party: Photos & Video

A large tree fell on a wedding party taking photos in a park in Whittier, California, killing one person and trapping others under its branches.

See video of the scene above and below.

The tree split and crashed down on the wedding party, killing one person and injuring six. The identity of the deceased person, a woman, and her role in the wedding, was not yet released on December 17. ABC 7 said that most of the victims had minor injuries but did say that one other person in the wedding party was described as having “moderate” wounds. However, it was later reported that a child, a 4-year-old girl, was in critical condition.

CBS Los Angeles said a person at the scene suffered cardiac arrest, but it wasn’t clear whether that was the person who had died.

Fire officials said California’s drought could have weakened the tree’s branches, said ABC 7.

A man tweeted that people were under the tree.

NBC Los Angeles said the tree fell on the party around 4:30 p.m. on December 17 in Penn Park in Whittier. It was a 100-foot tall eucalyptus tree, the television station said.

The bizarre tragedy occurred when the tree split in two, said CNN.

Here are some more photos from the scene:

The Los Angeles Fire Department confirmed the incident in a tweet that said many people had been injured:

Local news reporters said that people from the wedding party were trapped under the tree.

CBS Los Angeles said as many as 20 people were trapped.

The park was busy at the time, with a birthday party also occurring nearby, said CNN.