Allie Dowdle Photos: Pictures of Tennessee Teenager


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strange how the fund is still collecting money even though it’s reached it’s intended goal. guess she needed beer and cigarettes too. Oh and enough money to lay around another six months having sex with her black boyfriend who probably doesn’t work either. why doesn’t he pay her tuition after all she chose him over them.


Maybe they’re trying to help her with her upcoming college tuition since Mom and Dad have bailed.


In my opinion she should be cut off a white girl who falls for a black man, (who by the way will cheat on her, will beat her, and will use her) should be disowned, dishonoured, and discombobulated in any way possible.


And men of other color NEVER cheat, beat, use their wives or girlfriends–yeah, right. Just acknowledge yourself for the racist , misogynistic bastard you are.

Kevin Durant

Cheat, beat, use their wives or girlfriends everything do most black men.Her future is in jeopardy.Sorry but you show your face in international forum,no white is going marry this low level trashed with HIV since then.


They have no respect for women because Their daddy didn’t respect their mama enough to stick around.She is a spoiled little mudshark.


Get out of your white bubble.. weirdo. small minded fool.. get educated.. thats the problem all these cowards who go online and post post post… but hide in real life. shame


your are a jerk sad litte white guy you know that you dont have a girlfriend

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