Brittany Covington & Tanishia: See Pictures of the Chicago Sisters

Two Sisters

Brittany Covington (she sometimes goes by the name of Brittany Herring) and Tanishia Covington are two sisters from Chicago who are accused of being part of a group of teenagers who allegedly attacked a white special needs man on Facebook Live Video. The sisters were charged with a series of crimes, including hate crime offenses, after police allege they targeted the victim because he was special needs. In the horrific videos, which have gone viral and been viewed by many thousands of people, if not millions, the victim is shown gagged and being attacked. He is kicked and punched, pieces of his hair are cut off, and his sweatshirt is sliced with a knife. A second video showed the victim allegedly being forced to drink toilet water. The videos have generated intense outrage, and cries of racism because the suspects made derogatory comments about Donald Trump and white people in the videos. Chicago police have called the crime "reprehensible" after announcing the charges that were filed. Charges were announced Thursday against Jordan Hill and Tesfaye Cooper, both 18, and two sisters, Brittany Herring (Covington) and Tanishia Covington in connection with the horrific videos, which have gone viral and been viewed by many thousands of people. Of the four, Hill is allegedly the closest to the special needs victim who was attacked on the videos that went viral. The Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office said the suspects are charged with aggravated kidnapping, aggravated unlawful restraint, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and residential burglary. They are all also charged with hate crime, a charge police had initially hesitated on committing to Wednesday night. Police had drawn criticism on social media for refusing to outright label the crime as a hate crime during their initial news conference, but they were talking a tough tune on Thursday. This photo shows Brittany Covington. It is from her Facebook page.




Oh yea if it was a black person that was tortured by white people this would be all over the news and people would be protesting!!!!!! Hope these kids get max sentence!


Jessica Mcbride, why is it that in EVERY SINGLE ONE of your posts about this attack, you undermine what really happened. Did you watch the video? You said they cut his hair and sweatshirt with a knife. Are you stupid? They cut his scalp with a nice and burned him. Why are you protecting their horrific actions that everyone can so clearly see? it’s repulsive.

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