PHOTOS: Chicago Hate Crime Kidnapping Suspects’ Mugshots

Read more about this video in Spanish at


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Blacks attacking whites is common. White’s are just too stupid to realize/accept it. Like that kids parents, dropping him off with an honor student like one of those? Usually they target a single white female, gang rape her, then charge others in the hood to have sex with her, in one case, even for the price of a cigarette. Another time, their pitbull had sex with her.

Yeah, “both sides do it”…..suuuuuuure, suuuuuure.


What are you talking about? Where do you live where people are kidnApping “little white women” and then charging people and getting cigarettes to hang rape her? All while having a pit bull stand guard?


Where do you live that you don’t know about this? You are seriously sheltered.


Could be, but we needed to wait until she did a felony before we can be sure. As she’s one of the tens of thousands of little barackie’s imaginary children that targets whites for attack, yup, she certainly is the racist pig’s spawn.

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