Christopher Steele, MI6 Agent: Funniest Tweets & Jokes

Christopher Steele is a former British spy who has found himself in the midst of international controversy and drama (read more about him here).

The Wall Street Journal reports he’s the source of the salacious and scandalous – and completely unproven – Donald Trump “dossier” that hit the international news media. Twitter thinks he is too good to be true, name and all, and belongs in the pages of a spy novel or on the set of a James Bond film.

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Trump has fired back, calling the allegations, which were printed in full by BuzzFeed, “fake news.” According to CNN, “Classified documents” were “presented last week to President Obama and President-elect Trump,” including some of the allegations.

On Twitter, Steele’s name was the starting point for much of the humor, as people compared him to Remington Steele and James Bond.

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Others thought, jokes aside, there were very serious questions lingering:

Austin Powers also received mentions:

Some tried their hands at fiction:

The Wall Street Journal reports that Steele wrote the unverified report, which contained unproven, damaging allegations about Trump.

Steele now runs a London intelligence firm. On Twitter, people have created memes about Steele, which many comparing the ex British spy to fictional characters in spy lore and some questioning how he could possibly have such a perfect name for the role. The Telegraph reports that Steele’s research was funded by Trump opponents, both in the Republican and Democratic parties.

In response, Trump said that he felt like he was living in Nazi Germany, as many news organization reprinted the allegations, even though they are unverified. Steele is a director of London-based Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd., the Wall Street Journal reports.

When reached by the newspaper, Steele wouldn’t confirm or deny that his company had prepared the report. The Wall Street Journal reported, “The dossier consists of a series of unsigned memos that appear to have been written between June and December 2016.” The newspaper alleged that efforts were made to get the report to federal law enforcement agencies in the United States, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Here are some of the other best tweets, comments, and jokes on Steele:

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