Cubs to Bypass Trump, Will Visit Obama Before Leaving Office

Chicago Cubs, World Series 2016, Cubs World Series

The Chicago Cubs celebrate on the field after winning the first World Series for the franchise in 108 years. (Getty)

Call it home-field advantage.

The Chicago Cubs announced Tuesday that the team will visit President Barack Obama at the before he leaves office January 20 instead of meeting with President-elect Donald Trump when he takes over.

The visit to the White House honors Obama’s tweet after the White Sox fan and Chicago native saw the Cubs parade around the Windy City with the world series trophy.

CSN Chicago reported that Cubs general manager Theo Epstein said about Obama’s tweet:

I know after (Obama) tweeted that out – and that was well before the election – there was a lot of interest from our players in taking him up on that invitation. There was some momentum for it. So we’ll see. Nothing has been finalized. But we’ll see where it goes. It would be nice given his Chicago ties.

NBC Chicago reported that the Cubs were invited to the White House after manager Joe Maddon received a call from Obama following the 2016 World Series win in Game 7 against the Cleveland Indians, and with the whole team having a reunion January 14 at the Cubs Convention, it seemed like a perfect time to get to Washington D.C. with just days left in Obama’s tenure.

The Chicago Sun Times reported that a “significant majority” of the Cubs’ roster was able to travel D.C. on Monday, though it’s not fully expected how many players on the roster will make the trek to D.C.

In late November, Cubs co-owner Todd Ricketts was named the deputy commerce secretary. Rickett’s family is reportedly worth $1 billion, according to Forbes.

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Here we go again.Republicans and Democrats colluding against Trump.
They actually paid a private security firm to dig dirt on Trump then gave it to the American Security Services who leaked an unsubstantiated report to CNN and this is the second time in a week that the Security Services have done this.
Would not like to be in the shoes of some of these guys when Trump takes over.
They caused the Iraq War with false info and now they they get second hand info from a private company trying to destroy his presidency before it begins.Don’t they have the ability to gather it themselves.
The Security Services are obviously politically biased.Trump is right drain the swamp and drag the lot in front of a judge.
Someone has got to make a movie out of this but probably won’t find anyone in Hollywood to play Trump.They are all liberal pricks and snowflakes with an agenda.

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