WATCH: Don Lemon Gets Ear Pierced at New Years Eve 2017 Bash

CNN host Don Lemon was the talk of Twitter after he got his ear pierced on television during the New Years Eve 2017 bash. The Hollywood Reporter reported that Lemon was broadcasting from a New Orleans bar at the time.

He seemed pretty happy to a lot of people too, with Twitter speculation running rampant that Lemon was drunk. Watch above. Lemon’s co-host Brooke Baldwin wrote on Twitter that the CNN host was drinking tequila.

CNN finally pulled Lemon’s mic when he started to say 2016 was an awful year.

The weird moment was surpassed only by Mariah Carey’s disastrous turn on stage, in which she appeared to just wander around and do her own thing.

“Ok tell them what’s going to happen. I’m going to get something,” says Lemon, starting out the weird appearance.

At one point, Lemon was torn between a tattoo and a piercing.

“Kathy what should I do?” he asks Kathy Griffin.

“Nipple, nipple, nipple,” she suggests.

Lemon then starts taking off his shirt on TV and is implored to “keep it closed.” Then, he decides to get his ear pierced.

“Let’s do it,” he says, with a shot glass in his hand.

“Can we please not give him shots btw?” his obviously concerned co-anchor, Brooke Baldwin, suggests.

“Don’t get blood on my jacket,” Lemon says.

Some people thought Lemon was a breath of fresh air amidst too many staged performances.

However, others thought he was one of the train wrecks of a night that saw a few.

Watch Mariah Carey’s bizarre turn on stage here:

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It is just a repeat of last year except they were drinking hurricanes provided by a different NOLA bar. Brooke may be the only CNN member who can keep up with Don at a NYE celebration. Who cares if he was drunk. Isn’t that what people do on NYE. It was certainly better than last years news.

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