Donald Trump Complains That CNN Chose Bad Photo of Him for Book Cover

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Donald Trump arrives at a campaign rally. (Getty)

President-Elect Donald Trump complained on Twitter today about a news organization using an unflattering photo of him.

Trump tweeted this afternoon about Unprecedented, a new book from CNN chronicling the 2016 election. He says that he hopes the book does well but that CNN “used worst cover photo of me!”

This is what the cover of the CNN book looks like:

CNN did, however, just put out a special inaugural edition of the book with a different cover, and Trump did not specify which of the two he is talking about.

Trump has been known to take issue with photos of himself that are used in the media. When the president-elect met with a group of journalists back in November, he reportedly complained to NBC News President Deborah Turness that the network won’t run a nice picture of him, according to Politico.

In response to that story from November, and to the tweet this afternoon, those opposed to Trump immediately began to tweet unflattering pictures of the president-elect.

Shortly after this tweet about the CNN book, Trump again mocked the media for being wrong about the election. He says in two back-to-back tweets that he always knew he would win the election, even though he specifically said at a rally last month that he expected to lose because of what the polls were showing him.

“I went to see my wife. I said, ‘Baby, I tell you what. We’re not going to win tonight,”’ Trump said during a rally in Wisconsin in mid-December, recalling his experience on Election Day. “The polls are coming out…I always used to believe in those things. I don’t believe them anymore.”

Also, Trump mentions that he won 306 Electoral College votes when he actually won 304.