Donald Trump Responds to Report That Russia Has Compromising Information on Him

Donald Trump rally, Donald Trump american flag, Donald Trump grand rapids

Donald Trump speaks at a rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan. (Getty)

President-elect Donald Trump has responded to reports that Russia collected compromising information on him that they planned to use as blackmail and that Trump was briefed on this last week.

Several hours after the story broke, Trump took to Twitter to angrily dismiss this as fake news and a political witch hunt. He did not offer any further details or clarify what aspects of the story are untrue, but these questions will likely be answered at the president-elect’s Wednesday morning press conference.

The 32-page unverified dossier was authored by a former British spy, Christopher Steele, the Wall Street Journal reports. Steele, who has a solid reputation in the intelligence world, now runs a London-based intelligence firm.

Trump also retweeted a post by his lawyer, Michael Cohen, refuting the report that Cohen secretly met with Kremlin officials in Prague last year. Cohen says that he has never been to Prague for any reason. On Wednesday morning, CNN reported that it was actually a different Michael Cohen who went to Prague in 2016.

Trump then posted a link to an article criticizing BuzzFeed and using the hashtag #FakeNews.

Vice president-elect Mike Pence tweeted out this same article.

Moments after the news broke, Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway taped an appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers and was asked about the story. She seemed unfamiliar with some of the details of CNN’s report but just said that nothing had been proven.

“They’re all unnamed, unspoken sources in the story,” Conway said.

Conway also seemed to suggest that Trump had not actually been briefed on any of this, which would contradict what CNN is reporting.

On Wednesday morning, Trump again took to Twitter to offer a more detailed response, during which he compared the situation to Nazi Germany.

Late in the afternoon on Tuesday, CNN reported that President-elect Trump was presented with classified documents last week saying that Russian operatives claim to have damaging personal and financial information on Trump.

The allegations are in part based on the memos of a former British intelligence operative, Chris Steele, and they were compiled as opposition research, first for anti-Trump Republicans and then for Democrats, CNN reports. Shortly after CNN published its story, BuzzFeed released what they say is the full document in question. It goes into graphic detail about what Russia reportedly has on Trump, and the memo also claims that Russia has been “cultivating, supporting and assisting” Trump for five years.

It’s important to stress that these allegations are completely unverified, and the FBI is reportedly in the process of investigating their veracity. The documents in question had been circulating for several months but had not been previously reported by the news media because the allegations are unsubstantiated.

Incoming White House press secretary Sean Spicer criticized BuzzFeed’s decision to publish the report on Tuesday and called them ‘pathetic.’

Trump is scheduled to hold a press conference at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time on Wednesday, January 11th. The press conference was scheduled a week before these allegations came to light, but now this will likely be the only topic discussed.


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up yours

Well that’s because they’re run by the Democratic Party and the only thing the Democratic party wants to do is to put barefoot in everyone’s back.
We should get into the stock scam !!
That the Democrats have been doing .
Using EPA laws to either break or make a company knowing ,that their decision would influence the stock value !
So once their influence has lower the stock they tell their Brokers to buy it up. Then they don’t make a decision that breaks the bank of the company .
The stock goes skyrocketing and they make a bundle .
That’s what the Obama Administration did with the Pharmaceuticals and he did it all before Obamacare took effect.
Now isn’t that special.


It’s rather remarkable, even down right amazing that 100% of the time that only Don-the-Con and his fellow Trumpettes are the only ones privy to the truth. Statistically, that’s impossible, but we know that Donnie and his Trumpettes don’t deal in facts. Yawn.


I’m shocked, I’m shocked that the Kremlin has dirt on Putin’s Puppet, aka as Don-the-Conmunist. NOT!! Of course Russia has all sorts of covert information on our soon-to-be President. OtheRwise, why does Donald treat Russian’s interference in our elections with such nonchalance!?!

up yours

Well first of all the Russians got kicked out of the United States because Putin took his jet fighters as the radical Islamic terrorists we’re trying to escape mosul.
And bomb that shit out of them !
He might not be our our friend and our Ally but at least he has common sense to kill these thugs, and to stop these evil Savages.
I wonder what he thinks about Obama giving a billion dollars in cash to America’s top enemy.
He’s probably thinking are you insane, just like 75% of all Americans think ! What the hell was Obama thinking ?
The only thing he could have been thinking was to help his Muslim Brothers.
The 20th can’t come soon enough !


Donnie told them that he didn’t want to receive daily briefings . . . guess this is what happens when the PEOTUS is indifferent to national security , , . get used to it kiddies//////////////////////1


Hillary called it at the debates: “Trumped up and trickle down!” LMAO

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