Electoral Vote Count: Trump Wins, Despite Objections from Democrats

Trump won.

Trump won.

President-Elect Donald Trump’s Electoral College win was confirmed during a joint session of Congress today, as all the electoral votes were counted live. However, multiple Democrat Representatives objected many times, citing voter suppression, Russian interference, and other issues. But each time, Biden had to dismiss their objections because they did not have a Senator to sign on with their objections, as is legally required. This happened multiple times, with Biden becoming increasingly annoyed each time.

Here’s what happened.

Time and time again during the joint session, Democrat Representatives objected to the electoral count. Each time, their objection was ruled out of order and inadmissible because they did not have a Senator to sign on with them. The objections have were first made for Alaska, Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina. Rep. Jamie Raskin tried for Florida, but was unsuccessful because he did not have a Senator to sign on with him.

biden ryan

Rep. Paul Ryan laughs as Biden gets increasingly frustrated with objections and debates from Democratic Representatives. (CSPAN)

Objections happened several additional times. One Democrat said that she and other people were horrified about Russian interference. Biden had to remind her, too, that debates were not allowed.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas objected multiple times without the required signatures. Each time, she said she was seeking a Senator to sign onto her objection, and Biden ruled her objection out of order.

At one point he said, exasperated, “There’s no debate. There’s no debate. There’s no debate.”

Earlier in the session, a Democratic Representative voiced objection to the Georgia electors and began debating, speaking about how people had waited for hours to vote. Biden interrupted her. “There’s no debate,” he said quickly, reminding her that objections had to be done in writing, not vocally.

Then he said:

It is over.”

Republicans in the room laughed and cheered and clapped in response.

Biden added, under his breath, “That wasn’t funny,” while Paul Ryan laughed behind him.

Later, when yet another objection was made, Ryan visibly rolled his eyes while sitting behind Biden.

Another Representative stood later, held her signed form up high, and announced that she was not debating, but would any Senator please sign onto her objection? No one would.

Just before Biden announced Trump’s win, an unknown person began yelling her dissent. Other protesters joined in, yelling, “We the people!” They were forced out of the Chambers.

protester removed

Protester removed from the joint session. (CSPAN)

In the end, despite the protests and the objections, Trump’s win was confirmed.

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Great job ! You’re hired !

Now the Democrats and they’re failing party will lie cheat and steal ,not for the American people and America and the freedoms she holds. But !
For the back door Deals they have made with corporations and foreign governments.
How much land do you think foreign governments own in our country ?
How many corporations and businesses do they own, they own ? A lot !!
That’s why there is no more pensions and medical insurance through companies . That’s why there’s no more retirement. They have put their foot on the backs of Americans, all Americans.
And now the Democrats can’t pay the piper.
I think with education and hard work (WE) can stop this ship from sinking !
We have had Pirates at the helm for too long.
They have sold us for 30 pieces of silver !!

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