Emergency Kittens: Donald Trump’s Twitter Follow Sparks Jokes

emergency kittens

The Emergency Kittens page on Twitter that Donald Trump followed.

The jokes almost write themselves: The president-elect somehow found time to briefly follow a Twitter site called “Emergency Kittens.”

The page basically just posts pictures of cute kittens looking adorable.

Donald Trump doesn’t follow many pages on Twitter. Forty-three to be exact. Sure enough, Emergency Kittens showed up right next to chief of staff Reince Priebus and Roma Downey on Trump’s follow list and above the Trump Organization:

A short time later, after the follow became the butt of jokes, Trump unfollowed the site.

Trump’s kitten follow raised eyebrows for multiple reasons, many obvious. The president-elect is very selective about whom he follows. His page mostly follows his own organizations, family members, and conservative talk show hosts like Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity.

Emergency Kittens has 1.85 million other followers in addition to the next Leader of the Free World. The site says it has the mission of “Critiquing the cutest cats online!” It almost sounded made up, but there it was, irrefutably, briefly, in Trump’s following list: Emergency Kittens.

Trump’s kitten follow has sparked guffaws – and some jealousy – online. Don’t even get started with the double entendres. It made some like Trump more.

Some felt that looking at kittens is probably a good stress reliever.

Some thought there was probably a nefarious motive.

Others demanded that Emergency Kittens block the president elect.

Trump is such a divisive and controversial political figure that even an innocuous follow of cute kittens sparked ire.

Yes, this was inevitable:

Others were just completely baffled. Trump has yet to explain why he followed a site called Emergency Kittens.

Here are some of Emergency Kittens’ recent Tweets. They range from GIFs of cute kittens to cuddly cats.