Esteban Santiago Ruiz: Photos of Accused Fort Lauderdale Shooter


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Mr. Khan and his pocket Constitution telling mr. Trump has he ever read it !
Now his boy got blown up.
By a terrorist bomb, butt he wasn’t supposed to gotten blown up!
He was supposed to be the hero .
Now with hero status in the military and the private sector ,it opens a lot of doors and his boy is a sleeper cell or was !
He was supposed to have gotten out of the military a hero !
To get a fine position as a cabinet member ,Congressman whatever ?
I don’t want to shock anybody .But !
You cannot destroy America from within without having someone on the inside !! These people are all connected the Pulse Nightclub his daddy was running for president in Pakistan !
Oh yes these people have invaded our government they are inside and this is no joke !
Now mr. Khan he was all for trans-pacific partnership because he sells commercial real estate.
He would have made a bundle off of that one.
And isn’t it funny how none of their family members knew nothing about nothing. Because we all know that Isis Muslim Fighters start their soldiers as children. And with that said !
They almost had the country ! Almost !


What are you ranting about? Mr. Khan’s son died physically defending our freedom. This young man along with the 20 vets who commit suicide EVERY DAY, died mentally. We need to stop sending our young people off to kill people in foreign lands. It’s not worth the results and hasn’t been since Vietnam. Our young people should be defending America and America only. Let everyone else fight their own wars. The destruction of OUR young people has to stop.


So the FBI was aware of his possible mental illness/PTSD/radicalization and did nothing. I suppose if you can’t find a way to hang Clinton for one of dozens of crimes, you won’t care about this guy snapping and killing civilians. Way to go dumb-asses.

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