Fort Lauderdale Victims: Photos to Remember Their Lives

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Just People Traveling to Go on Cruises

Four victims have been identified so far in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida mass shooting. They are: Olga Woltering, Terry Andres, Michael Oehme (pictured above), and Shirley Timmons. The final victim has not yet been identified. Most of the victims were in Florida because they were going on vacation on cruises with their spouses. Tragically, the victims in all cases were standing with their spouses when they were gunned down, but their spouses survived (although Timmons' husband was reportedly in a coma). The accused gunman, Esteban Santiago, was charged with federal crimes on January 7. He was charged with allegedly committing an act of violence at an international airport resulting in death, which could bring him the death sentence, and weapons charges. According to the federal complaint, he confessed that he planned the mass shooting and bought a one-way airport ticket. The accused gunman will be in court for his first hearing on January 9. Santiago, 26, is accused of coming to Fort Lauderdale with the intention to kill, as he bought a one-way ticket and only checked a gun under the plane. The special agent in charge of the FBI's Miami office said in a news conference, though, that the FBI was still investigating whether to also charge Santiago with terrorism charges as Santiago had come into an FBI office in Alaska in November allegedly complaining that voices in his head had told him to fight for office. According to the FBI, he was referring to local authorities, and received mental health treatment. Santiago served in Iraq for the U.S. Military, seeing combat, and family members have told the news media that he didn't seem the same when he returned. Here are photos to remember the lives of the victims who are named so far. (Facebook)