Hillary Clinton at the Inauguration: Photos You Need to See

Hillary and Bill Clinton are at President-Elect Donald Trump's inauguration, although their attendance was likely bittersweet for them. Supporters said she looked like a "class act" and that she looked like she was having a tough time, but was being strong for the country.  Click through the gallery to see photos of Hillary at the inauguration and read more about what her time there was like. We'll add more photos to this gallery as the day continues. (Getty)




At least a house didn’t fall on her. Follow the yellow brick road and wait for the subpoenas

up yours

Yes ! Hillary there is a God .
And you didn’t think anybody could hear you !
After all you didn’t say it out loud now did you !
you were just too corrupt Hillary the Clinton crime family is over !
No more money from terrorist organizations !
No more money from the supporters of Trans Pacific partnership !
Don’t you think the foreign governments that you made a promise to are going to be a little upset, that you took all of that money and can’t deliver now !
Oh well !
It’s not like you’re Benghazi gun deal that went bad and people died in the process !
And what about all them people that were going to testify against your crime family and ended up dead !
Oh well !
I suppose you’re lucky you’re not in jail . But !
I would throw the book at you. Because ! You knew you were supposed to have turned over (( ALL ! )) of your emails.
Once you deleted your so-called wedding and yoga.
You violated your agreement to have a private server. But !
Ignorance of the law is no excuse. And !
It is only good to use on the poor.
Oh well !
You didn’t really think you were going to be president did you ?
You mean you actually thought that the Obama Administration and Obama after spitting on the American people and after the American people were robbed of their homes and thrown out on the street.
Oh well !
I suppose you thought Obama had broken our will to fight your criminal element !
Oh well! !
Yes ! Hillary there is a God and he knows your thoughts.
Now you and your crime family go enjoy your ill-gotten gains .
As the rest of America digs their way out of poverty that the Clinton and Obama Administration put us in !
But your thoughts are ?
Oh well !

So up yours ( Hillary Clinton ! ).

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