Inauguration Crowd Photos: Trump vs. Obama, Bush & Clinton Comparisons

Some potentially misleading photos were circulating early on January 20 comparing President Donald Trump's inauguration crowd to former President Barack Obama. Although Obama's first inauguration did indeed have at least double the crowd size that Trump's did, the photos circulating online may not be completely accurate, depending on the times they were taken. So we gathered photos not only from Trump's inauguration and both of Obama's, but also from Bill Clinton's inaugurations and George W. Bush's inaugurations, so you can decide for yourself what you think the crowd sizes look like. The picture above can start us off, comparing Trump's inauguration today to Obama's in 2009, where he had an estimated double the attendance of Trump's. Obama's inauguration is the photo at the bottom. You can definitely see that more people were at Obama's. Click through the gallery to see photos of all these inaugurations, along with estimated crowd totals, so you can compare the inaugurations for yourself. (Top & Bottom Photo from Getty)