Inauguration Crowd Photos: Trump vs. Obama, Bush & Clinton Comparisons

Trump's Inauguration Had a Maximum of 900,000 According to Early Estimates, But Possibly Less

Early estimates put Trump's inauguration attendance at about 900,000 maximum. Obama's first inauguration was estimated to be 1.8 million, so that was at least twice Trump's. However, Trump's attendance today may have been greater than George W. Bush's and greater than at least Bill Clinton's second inauguration. It's an unknown at this point, because other estimates put Trump's inauguration attendance as being much lower than 900,000 and closer to Clinton's inauguration size. We'll update this if we have more specific information.

Estimates of inauguration numbers aren’t an exact science. The National Park Service doesn’t release official estimates, ever since a dispute about how many attended a Million Man March in 1995. The Park Service was threatened with a lawsuit when they estimated 400,000 showed up to the Million Man March, while organizers believed that one million were there. After that, they stopped publicly releasing estimates. Now, estimates are given by law enforcement officials or federal officials, or organizers. (Getty)