Inauguration Crowd Photos: Trump vs. Obama, Bush & Clinton Comparisons

Trump's Inauguration Had a Maximum of 900,000 According to Early Estimates, But Possibly Less

Early estimates put Trump's inauguration attendance at about 900,000 maximum. Obama's first inauguration was estimated to be 1.8 million, so that was at least twice Trump's. However, Trump's attendance today may have been greater than George W. Bush's and greater than at least Bill Clinton's second inauguration. It's an unknown at this point, because other estimates put Trump's inauguration attendance as being much lower than 900,000 and closer to Clinton's inauguration size. We'll update this if we have more specific information.

Estimates of inauguration numbers aren’t an exact science. The National Park Service doesn’t release official estimates, ever since a dispute about how many attended a Million Man March in 1995. The Park Service was threatened with a lawsuit when they estimated 400,000 showed up to the Million Man March, while organizers believed that one million were there. After that, they stopped publicly releasing estimates. Now, estimates are given by law enforcement officials or federal officials, or organizers. (Getty)




This has nothing to do with one being more popular than the other. Most Trump voters are not in the big cities and there is a smaller concentration of them on the coast states where the capital is located. The only way to figure out who is more popular is voter turnout but even then you cannot really compare one year to another. Lets all stop being petty about this, yes Obama had a bigger party than Trump, but today is not “Trump’s day” or was it “Obama’s day” either time when he won, but rather it was American’s day.


Number of votes for Trump 62,980,160 Number of Votes for Clinton 65,845,063 There’s a good place to start if you want to talk about whos more popular lol.


One day you’ll be old enough to vote, maybe then you take time to learn about and understand your voting process.


Regardless of that, here’s a fun fact for you: Trump won the Presidency with the lowest popular vote percentage win in the entire history of the country where no split vote was involved. (There are only six wins that received lower popular vote percentages, all of which were split among more than two candidates. Four-way splits: 1824, 1860, 1912. Three-way splits: 1856, 1968, 1992. Then Trump with his record minimum in a two-way runoff.)


Apparently you can discern what Freddy said . . . he was specifically referring to the popular vote, which Trumptards for which refuse to take their heads out of the sand . . . in other words, Don-the-Con just ain’t that popular!!


Maybe one day you will understand that Trump won (thank you Russia), and he did win the election which is obviously why he is President. However, you must not know that although he won- Clinton won the popular vote. Now you will say that the Popular vote isn’t important. It doesn’t elect the President, but it shows who should have the election. This is the 2nd time in US history ( or the third- one might have been over a hundred years ago)…. that the person who won the election didn’t win the popular vote. The last time this has happened when Gore won the election- but George Bush won by a hanging chad. Gore won the popular vote by 600,000 votes. Pretty good number. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 3 million votes. Yeah- that’s a crap load of votes. And that indicates that the election was either rigged or hacked or illegally won by a foreign country… PUTIN. Researching issues and history is SO MUCH FUN AND SO EDUCATIONAL. Instead of always saying the same thing over and over and over and over again like a broken record about how Trump won- get over it. I beg you to do some research and then comment. Because- quite honestly every single Trump supporters is really, really beginning to bore that hell out me.


Add up the ILLEGAL voters from CALIFORNIA! You forgot to mention that. If you want to talk about votes. Then add the voters in NY. You think that these 2 states dictate the entire USA? Do Liberals have a thinking brain?


“Add up the ILLEGAL voters from CALIFORNIA! You forgot to mention that.”

Yeah, we “forgot to mention that” because those “illegal” votes don’t exist. Do you have hard evidence?

Btw, the fact that you would make such a claim just shows that even YOU (and Donald Trump) see that there is some sentimental/symbolic value in winning the popular vote. Basically, you’re showing that it DOES matter to you.

“Then add the voters in NY. You think that these 2 states dictate the entire USA?”

Your logic assumes that 100% of all voters from these states will vote the same way. Also, these states don’t have a combined majority of voters. There are plenty of voters in other states. Also, Texas would be our 2nd-most populated state, not New York.

Sharon T

Get used to it you lost. Trump won the Electoral College and that is how the voting system works here. California does not govern the country as they may like to think they do


Still trying to pacify yourself with the California illegal voters lie . . . sad, Tom, sad.


TOM-TOM, you and your fellow Trumptards have to stop the mental self-masturbation . . . there were no 3 million illegal votes cast in California . . . you can say it a trillion times, but it still won’t be true!

Sharon T

Not only did Trump win the Electoral College but Democrats have virtually nothing. They are going to have to fight hard to get back if they are to have any chance in 2020.


take off 4 million illegal voters. and theres your real number..


Also, if CA was a swing state, Clinton would not have won the popular vote !! never mind New York, only CA. To keep talking about her winning the popular vote makes no common sense. She won 85 % of the States voter’s . ( Liberals) HELLOOOOO. If you had a brain, this would be a “NO Brainer”


“Also, if CA was a swing state, Clinton would not have won the popular vote !!”

That’s an extremely moot point. It’s NOT a swing state and she won the popular vote, period.

Sharon T

She lost – get used to it. She wasn’t inaugurated on Friday. President Trump was. End of story.


More people can’t stand Trump than can stand him! End of story. Saturday was just the first of many demonstrations to come–get used to it. Beginning of story.


“take off 4 million illegal voters. and theres your real number..”

Your claim is not “real”, and where did you even get that number? SHOW US THE EVIDENCE!


Take away Russia’s interference in the election, and Hillary is president.


@Scott Dailey,
“Take California out and Trump crushed her in the rest of the nation.”

Well, I can’t argue with that! If you take away the people who voted for her, then she has less votes!

So what? A popular vote is a popular vote, regardless of where it comes from. Like it or not, California is a part of this nation. It’s our most populated state and is #6 in world economies.


Yes, Scott, California has become the whipping boy for all the failed rust belt and southern states . . . sad, dude, so sad! Hopefully, California, of and by itself, as the sixth largest economy in the world, will secede from the country and leave all the parasitical states behind.


Ridiculous point . . . California is part of the nation and can’t be taken out, and has more population then at least 10 states combined . . . so, if you’re saying “take California out,” you’re saying take the equivalent of 10 states out” . . . so stupid and ridiculous!

Sharon T

Californians will need to move to rust belt states if they have any hope of winning the Electoral College in future and there will be few illegal votes next time around.


More delusions . . . there were no illegals “this time” . . . and the only way Californians will end up in a rust belt state is because an earthquake has dropped it into the ocean. More people of different races, ideology, culture, get along better, if not perfectly, than any state in the nation. They have no desire to go backwards.


Yes, BUT 3,446,281 of those for Clinton were from CA alone. That means that Trump won the rest of the country. That is why we have the Electoral College. It shouldn’t be up to one state to decide the election.


The electoral college is currently operating in a manner that even our Founders disapproved of.

And without the electoral college, there would be no “states” controlling the election. It would just be individual voters.

in D.C.

It means everything. Leaders inspire. That’s how it works. No inspiration. Nothing get’s done. No mandate.


Two big differences. First, Trump’s support is from the 80% between the coasts. Obama’s is primarily the cities. A lot of people rode trains from New England on down to his first time. (It was half the second time) Second, most of Trump’s supporters work to support themselves, hard to get of multiple days to come to DC. Obama’s people, not so much. But if it makes you happy to opine on it, have fun.

Gerry Mandered

It’s the number of people. That’s it, no demographics, just the number of people! Look no one expected Trump to have many people there with his low approval rating. It’s no big deal but it’s the facts.


Ahh, your demographics are so far off, it’s laughable . . . most people who made it to DC on Saturday through fundraisers . . . those who made it to DC on Friday were johnny-come-latelys to the whole political process and now think of themselves as government experts . . . but keep on believing your lies about those whom you label as the so-called left if it let’s you continue to reside in your bubble!


I think the reason why we are having this discussion in the first place is because Trump made a big deal about it. Then he tried to lie about it and make up his own numbers and facts. Then he sent his press secretary to do the same. We know the reasons why he had a lower turn out, it was raining that day and only 5% of the population in D.C actually voted for Trump. Its Trump that doesn’t want to believe it, he is now the President of the United States and what worries him the most is the reporting of his crowd size.


The correct comment would be, “the electoral college has spoken.” The people did not choose him by popular vote…..


Wow, thanks for explaining that Oswald . . . no of us ever heard that before . . . so let me tell you something . . . there were more people FOR Hillary and AGAINST Don-the-Con, so what you saw globally on Saturday is just the beginning!


And the people spoke on Saturday too . . . and now, there’s a global movement now to remove Trump . . . which all the people in the movement have Trump to thank for! LOL


the people chose Clinton by 2.8 million votes. Trump stole a rigged election, aided by our Russian enemies and Putin, fake news, James Comey, and the rich.


So with all that inspiration you got from HUSSEIN how exactly did the Country get better?


Ima . . . for starters 1) Affordable Care Act; 2) Common Core; 3) Lilly Ledbetter Equal Pay Act; 4) LGBTQ rights; 5) Climate change commitment; 6) Dream Act; 7) more deportation of illegal immigrants than that of George W. or Billy Boy . . .

in D.C.

It means everything. Leaders get shit done by inspiring. Low turnout = Low inspiration.

Will Richter

It has nothing to do with the size of your hands……LOL!!!!!!! Good thing you pay enough to your girlfriend. See how low the Dumpster has sent the conversation?


All you Trumptards could talk about pre-election was the size of Donnie’s crowds . . . but now, with his inaugurination a bust, the size of the Women’s March means nothing–you poor, pathetic deplorables!!


Are you a grammar and spelling retard? WordPress’ unwillingness to support edits is shabby but is no excuse for sloppiness.