Katelyn Nicole Davis Photos: Pictures of Suicide Victim


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Angel Mathews

Her blog should not have been removed. It’s something all of us needs to hear, to prevent another child from suffering as she did. This is beyond horrible and that monster deserves to be abused in the same way.

Brian Flynn

Angel & Marlene I’m 38 years old in a few days. It seemed like when I was a child, early 80s-mid 90s we started seeing children do things that were just more calculated, malicious, vicious & possibly evil than we thought kids we’re capable of doing. I grew up in the suburbs & always lived in a safe and quiet working class area. In my daily life I saw kids doing things that were more extreme in my daily life but on the news without a doubt things became more extreme when it came to kids & their behavior. I’m not sure if Hillary Clinton was the first to use it but the term they coined around 1990 was “super predator” was described as pretty much as a kid that is as cold blooded a criminal as an adult can be. In 1940 if something like this happened it would be unthinkable that this girl would do something like this & not be telling the truth. I can only speak for myself but I dont give kids such a huge benefit of the doubt these days. Sadly in our society it is not unthinkable that this girl was 12 years old very rebellious but had a step father that didn’t let her just run wild as she wanted so she decided she would show him. Do you guys really think in the times we live in this isn’t possible? I assume we are all in agreement this isn’t impossible. We have had 12 year old girls in our country go commit an armed robbery & end up killing people during the crime. Now that being said it is also possible that this poor girl was a victim & if that is the case her step father should never get out of prison. I think there is nothing lower than people that hurt those that are defenseless. The worst of those are the ones that hurt children followed by the elderly & then animals. If you look at any thing I ever posted about child molestation I have no mercy for the abuser. I have said for a long time that if you get caught having sex with a prepubescent child it should be automatic death penalty. Doesn’t matter if you are 60 years old when you get caught & never even had a parking ticket. Many people would say nobody will ever plead to cases we will always go to trial & may lose than they are free. You can certainly still make people take guilty pleas. Explain if you plead guilty we will put u down humanely if you lose at trial we lock you in a room with the victim’s family. This may sound harsh but to me if a child’s first introduction to any type of intimacy is being raped that person doesn’t deserve to live. If you have not even kissed your first girl or boy & your uncle rapes you why should that uncle be allowed to live? That girl or boy will carry that with them for the rest of their lives I would bet more than half end up as alcoholics or drug addicts. As for this girl it may be easy to tell if the accusations against her step father are true. If this girl was doing well in school, never got in trouble l, always seemed happy & had what people thought was a good relationship with her step father then in my opinion this girl was telling the truth. If this girl was always getting into trouble & was very rebellious it’s is possible this girl is just going for the ultimate revenge but again it can still be true. I wish I could talk to the girl. I would love to tell her that if this is true let’s have your step father destroyed in a court of law. If it’s not true than she can’t do this & needs to start doing the right thing in life. That you are 12 years old behave for the next 10 years graduate high school finish college or spend a couple years learning a skill that can be a career & at 22 years start partying & having fun. It is just so sad whatever her motivations were. I’m so glad I’m not her biological father I don’t think I could control myself.

Leea barrett

That’s just stupid to blame her parents or her or society put blame where its need to be thrown right at the piece of shit that molested her depression takes control of our minds to the point that we are not ourselves and unrecognized to our family and ourselves so blame the parents of the pos that done this to her


That is the biggest load of bull shit i have ever read , are you brain dead , have you even bothered to find out all the information that this child posted on line , the poor child is DEAD !! , and you dare to say she could be lying , she was a 12 year old CHILD on prozac , living in filthy condition’s looking after two very young sibling’s , getting bullied in school , abused by her step father , there is no way she was lying , you are one ignorant man

Crappy Lives

Child on Prozac is likely going to be a problem later in life. Abuse then Prozac then even worse off. If she was abused not her fault but she was still going to get worse w crap psych meds. She left her sorry life. Wish her better whatever comes. Wish her sibling help and a better life.

Brian Flynn

Babs does it sound like I have done anything beyond look at the 5 or so paragraphs I saw on this page? I didn’t say this kid is lying I said kids these days do very cruel things so until we have more info maybe we shouldn’t blame the step father. I’m one ignorant man huh? I will leave sex, religious views, race etc out of this one for you because something tells me if I say something along the lines of that you won’t take it so well. For me I can take it so let me give you some real ammo here. Not only am I a male I am a white male. So if you watch the news you know what a horrible insidious a creature white males can be. As for being ignorant I don’t have my dictionary but at least I can read something & come up with questions based on the facts I read. While you read what I wrote & just made filled in some blanks for yourself. You can call me uninformed on parts of this story but let’s say we leave the ignorant title for you.

Framed Elvisguy (@framedelvisguy)

I agree. I researched this poor girls blogs and videos she posted. She was reaching out on every level and NOBODY was there. Not even me. I was too busy being distracted by a corrupt public defender in Mississippi who violated myself and someone I care about. If it were not for that bitch, I would have run upon Kati’s videos and I would have taken care of business b/c that is what I do. Timing is everything. RIP Katelyn Nicole

Mustard Tiger (@FliedLyce)

Brian, that child was incredibly disturbed and for good reason. I’m not sure how much of her video postings you’ve watched, but I could not stop listening to her today. She had no childhood. Her mother was absent during the early years of her life and remained absent during the early years of the other two children’s lives. Katie was forced to raise her younger siblings while her mother was out doing her thing. She cut herself so she could feel something. She lived in a third-world-type home save the electronics that documented her short life. When she *was* present in the home, her mother did nothing but give Katie hell. Katie’s father was absent and her step-father molested her. I am a follower of Jesus Christ, and I have to believe that child immediately saw Him and saw God as soon as her body began swinging from that tree. She is much, much better off now that she’s left that dirty trailer and this horrible world that would allow a pleading little girl to endure such. Those other children must be removed from that woman’s “care.” Katie’s mother should be forced to remove her own uterus. And the man that raped Katie needs to be tortured until he eventually dies of infection.


Brian you make a very good point and anyone thinking clearly would agree. I’ve both read about and seen the vicious things that young kids do these days and how vindictive they can be,,from rob very,to rape and murder kids do it these days, in fact many kids commit suicide because they’re driven to it by their own peers. I’m not saying that Katelyn lied but clearly she had it all planned out, all the recordings and blog posts. I think these were both a cry for help and payback for whatever troubles she was experiencing at home .Every family has troubles,some more than others, if the allegations of sexual abuse are true then the law should take its course, but we may never fully know the truth. This tragedy has haunted my mind since I read about it and saw the video as if she were my own daughter but all the ranting,pointing fingers and blaming can do nothing for her now. If people really care as they say then they should wake up and try to help the many other Katelyn’s out there. On another note a young black girl committed suicide a few days ago live on FB, about 1000 people watched and many taunted her and joked about the death after. Strangely no media frenzy, no public outcry, very little outpouring of concern. It does make one wonder if Katelyn were black or fat or if she wasn’t a pretty blue eyed child if people would respond the same. I guess only they will know. RIp to both thee girls. Its sad to see our young ones go before their time,especially under such tragic circumstances and my condolences to the family


You have ovisly not done your research. She was brilliant, got great grades. Took care of her siblings. She just had a shitty life, alot of trauma at a young age, and depression because of that. That is not rebellious. I was rebellious, which consists of partying drinking sneaking out not listening. Also someone who is doing things like that only for attention, i doubt they actually kill themselves an if they do it is a rare occasion. Ignorant ass people on the internet.

Alli Barnes

True. Do you still have the video of her suicide one of my friends is doing a presentation about stoping child abuse and she said she needs the video. It would be very helpful.

Marlene Mclaughlin

I’m so sorry, but, she surely didn’t dress like a 12 year old.

Allison Anne

Marlene, please consider deleting your post and rethinking why you posted it. Does it really matter is she dressed like a 12 year old? Don’t you think that maybe her parents are to blame for this and not her? You are almost implying that she, a 12 year old girl, invited her step-father to rape her. My guess is that he has always viewed her and any female, regardless of age or appearance, as a sexual object. She was most likely groomed to be that.

Jenny Sisk

What does that have to do with this child committing suicide????? She was almost 13…girls that age or younger experiment with makeup..hairdos..clothes..etc..can u remember being that age???

Crappy Lives

Sucks when you get born into a super crappy home. Not everyone who is raped, beaten, physically abused or given worse commits suicide but some will. Doesn’t surprise me, just is uncomfortable to hear. If she’d lived, her blog posts indicate she might struggle with a decently happy young life. Her mom and her seem cyclical in having a shitty life. Wish everyone to have better.


There is nothing wrong with the way she dressed.
Where are you going with this anyway??


At 12 years old, kids aren’t capable of buying their own clothes. Anything that this girl chose would have been purchased by a parent. Can’t blame the child for what parents allow!!


And? Is it matters? Or you are one of the people with mental illnes who think that the girls are rape because the way they dress?????


Wtf you have no right your,opinion dont matter to no one. You dont know what katie went thru in her life time. Very close to my daughter so untill you want to go out and donate your money to peiple that are trying their best to just have clothes on YOUR OPINION DONT MATTER!!! Sweet sweet girl that lived an unspeakable life. Only god can judge so get somewhere with your stupid ass comments


Let me guess…are you an attorney? Are you trying the case online now? I know an attorney just like that. She Is called the “Online Attorney”. Do u think she Deserved to be raped b/c of the way she dressed? sigh


Who are you to juge this young girl how she dress or maybe run her life, you shoul read the whole story and come up with a better answer! Her dress code has a lot to do with the life she was living in! Poor girl! We still have ignorent people like you intates been sorry sit there to talk nonsense


A 12 year old (alleged) victim of sexual abuse, physical abuse, verbal & emotional abuse commits suicide because of her situation & generally feeling that there was no hope of it improving & the comment you come up with is about how she dressed? If you haven’t researched the events that led this young girl taking her life, you may want to do so, but be prepared to feel ashamed. If you did research her young life before you made that comment, then your lack of shame seems appropriate due to your lack of empathy, intellect & common sense.

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