Lexi Walker: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Lexi Walker will perform for the president of the United States during the official inaugural gala this evening.

As announced by the Presidential Inaugural Committee earlier this week, Walker will perform at Liberty and Freedom: The Official Presidential Inaugural Balls.

Here’s what you need to know about Lexi Walker.

1. She Is 14 Years Old

Lexi Walker is 14 years old; she got her start in 2013, when she competed in a talent competition at her middle school.

Her performance at the inaugural ball comes after another young artist, Jackie Evancho, sang the National Anthem at the presidential inauguration; Evancho is 16, and she rose to prominence when she appeared on America’s Got Talent at the age of 10.

Another young musician who is set to participate in the inauguration is Cache Olson, a 16-year-old DJ from Utah, who has been booked for the Liberty Ball on Friday night.

2. She Became Famous For Singing as Elsa in Alex Boyé’s ‘Let It Go’

Walker’s first big hit came when she was 11 years old and she appeared in Alex Boyé’s reinterpretation of “Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen, singing the main part of the song and playing Elsa in the music video. This version of the song has racked up 84 million views on YouTube.

The video also features the One Voice Children’s Choir, a choir from Utah that Walker was a member of at the time.

Later that month, Walker performed “Let It Go” live in Times Square on Good Morning America. And she again performed it at an official Disney event, the Frozen Christmas Celebration Parade, later that year.

To this day, “Let It Go” is the song Walker is best known for; when entering her name on YouTube, the search will first suggest “Let It Go.” She most recently performed the song live in Japan in 2016.

Walker’s latest work was a three-song EP called Wishes and Dreams, which features three more covers, two of which are Disney songs: “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes,” “When You Wish Upon a Star” and “The Power of the Dream.”

3. She Once Performed for Mitt Romney

Tonight will be the first time Lexi Walker will perform for a president, but it won’t be her first time performing for a presidential candidate.

In 2014, Walker performed for Mitt Romney at a summit in Park City, Utah. Walker performed “America the Beautiful.”

On Facebook, Walker posted a photo of herself with Romney and said that he is “the nicest person!!!”

Like Mitt Romney, Walker is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Walker also performed last year for the National Republican Congressional Committee.

4. She Learned to Sing From Her Grandmother, a Music Teacher

Lexi Walker never actually took vocal lessons, but she learned to sing from her grandmother, who taught music for 30 years.

“Her Grandma Walker taught music in public school for 30 years and is quite renowned as a vocal teacher,” Lisa Walker, Lexi’s mother, told Deseret News. “Whenever Grandma was over or the kids would visit her, there was music that focused on breathing correctly, placement, etc. Music has just always been a part of our lives.”

Lisa Walker says she tries to keep her daughter humble; in fact, when Lisa tried to get Lexi into the One Voice Children’s Choir, the choir’s director was pretty surprised.

“She told me, ‘OK, how do I get my daughter in your choir?” Masa Fukuda, the director of One Voice Children’s Choir, told Deseret News. “And I said ‘Why do you want your daughter to join a choir when she can already shine as a soloist all over the place?’ I’ve worked with so many stage mothers that are all about promoting their daughters, and she said, ‘No, no, no. I don’t want my daughter to be a diva’.”

5. She Will Sing for Mike & Karen Pence

Lexi Walker says she will be singing a couple of songs at the Liberty Ball, particularly for Vice President Mike Pence’s dance with his wife, Karen Pence.

“It’s really big, and it’s really cool, because it’s my first ball,” Walker told Deseret News. “I think I’m going to have a major Cinderella complex. It’s pretty exciting.”

Also performing at the inaugural ball will be The Piano Guys, another Utah group who Lexi Walker knows and has performed with in the past. The Piano Guys also performed at the inaugural concert on January 19th, and President Trump seemed to be a fan of them.

On Facebook, Walker has been posting photos of herself around D.C. since she arrived in the nation’s capitol in Thursday.

All I can say is this is going to be an EPIC trip! 😆

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