See Photos of Marla Maples’ Trump Inaugural Ball Gown

Marla Maples, Donald Trump’s second wife, attended his Inauguration. However, she kept a pretty low profile.

Television coverage of the inaugural ceremonies focused on the new First Lady and didn’t capture Maples. The same was true when Trump took the oath of office.

However, Maples has now posted a photo on Instagram of herself at the Inauguration with her daughter, Tiffany (see it above). On the post, above, which Maples posted early on January 21, she wrote, “I’ve been trying to bring Tiffany to DC for a long time… And I think she did it in style. Thank you dear friends who’ve given Support throughout the years I love you all!”

Here’s another photo of Marla at the Inauguration. She’s posing here with Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, a Trump supporter.

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Here she is with Sen. Scott Brown:

Marla wore a white jacket over the dress at times:

Maples and the new First Lady Melania Trump, wore the same color: white.

Marla sat in the front row at the Inauguration.

She shared a video from it:

Tiffany Trump did take center stage at the inaugural balls and festivities, standing with her family as her father was sworn in as the nation’s 45th president and dancing on the stage with other family members at the balls.

tiffany trump inaugural ball

Tiffany Trump, pictured here standing behind her dad on the right, wore a metallic pink dress from designer Simon Couture. (Getty)

Tiffany wore this gown on Inauguration Eve:

Maples also tweeted a comment about Paula White, a televangelist who delivered a prayer for Trump before the swearing in.

Earlier in the day, Maples was photographed wearing a baseball hat as she lined up for the inaugural parade.

She and her daughter had started the Inauguration with controversy when a Washington D.C. hair dresser accused them of trying to get hairstyles for free for “exposure.”

Trump’s first wife, Ivana Trump, was photographed on her way to DC wearing a bright blue jacket, and her son, Eric, said in an interview that she would be front and center at the Inauguration, but sightings of Ivana were nil.

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You can see more photos of what Tiffany Trump wore to the Inauguration here: