Muslim Immigration Ban Protests: Photos From Around the Country

An executive order referred to widely among protesters as a "Muslim ban" on immigration travel has led to thousands of people protesting all over the country. The protests began on Saturday and are continuing today. At the source of the controversy is President Donald Trump's latest executive order, which temporarily blocks 130 million people from entering the United States. The order itself never explicitly uses the word "Muslim." What it does is temporarily ban citizens of Iraq and six other Muslim-major countries (Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Sudan, and Yemen) from entering the United States. (Syrian immigration was indefinitely suspended.) Comments from Trump to media about expediting immigration for Christians sparked additional controversy, but those comments weren't actually in his executive order. Federal judge Ann Donnelly granted an emergency stay of the executive order. Meanwhile, Trump said the ban was put in place to review the vetting process and protect the United States from radical Islamic terrorists. But protesters are disagreeing vehemently with the ban. Some of the people who were were originally detained have since been released.

The ban and the protests surrounding the ban have sparked a lot of debate. Supporters of Trump point out that former President Barack Obama stopped processing Iraqi refugees' applications for six months in 2011. However, Trump's order stops certain citizens from entering the U.S. "on any visa category," which may cause a lot hardship. Hameed Khalid Darweesh, an interpreter who was temporarily detained at an airport after the ban, said he loved America and liked Trump, although he was unsure about the policy. According to CNN, Darweesh was released because of exemptions that let Homeland Security and the State Department admit individuals on a case-by-case basis, including undue hardship.

Click through the gallery to see photos from protests all over the country. If you want to jump directly to photos of a protest that interests you, click on the city or airport in the list below. This first photo shows a protest in San Francisco, California. (Getty)

Boston Protest: Logan International Airport

Boston Protest: Copley Square

San Francisco International Airport Protest

New York: JFK Protests

White House Protests

Dallas Protests at DFW Airport

Chicago O'Hare Protests

Windsor Locks, Connecticut Protest at Bradley International Airport

Rally & March in New York City's Battery Park

LAX Protests in Los Angeles

Atlanta, Georgia Immigration Protest

Hamtramck, Michigan Protest

Houston, Texas Protests