Nicepipes on ‘Shark Tank’: A Look Inside the Women’s Fitness Accessory Startup

Nicepipes: The Premier Arm & Leg WarmersNicepipes: Your Ultimate Layer. Extend the seasonal life of your favorite workout gear with our quality arm and leg warmers. Made from the same fabulous fabric as yoga pants, nicepipes is the solution to your layering needs. Now you can comfortably cycle, yoga, ballet, or go to the gym all year long without the extra…2016-09-21T14:30:21Z

Nicepipes entered the Shark Tank in Season 8 with its leg and arm warmers made from the same fabric as yoga pants.

We interviewed its founder, Lisa Binderow, who explained there is nothing quite like her accessories on the market. “Right now no one else is making leg warmers from performance fabric that are also designed for the fit and fashionable,” she said.

The brand has a philanthropic component and works with the nonprofit organizations Back on My Feet and Bent on Learning to aid in raising funds through various campaigns and events. “My dream would be to set up Nicepipes similar to the Toms model, so that for every pair we sell, we donate to charities that empower people through movement,” Binderow said of her future plans.  

Here’s what else she told us about…

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How the Idea for the Company Came About

I am a longtime yoga student as well as fitness and yoga instructor for YogaWorks. I was walking to the studio one morning to teach my class, and it was so cold out and I was freezing in my cropped workout pants. The old-school acrylic knit legwarmers of the past just didn’t cut it. They slip down and are terrible after a sweaty work out. So, I designed Nicepipes – leg and arm warmers made from the same awesome fabric as yoga pants. They are sweat-wicking, compression, and offer UV 50+ SPF. I wore them in the studios while teaching class and all the other students and teachers wanted their own pair of pipes.  So, I started a business!


Retail Partnerships

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We mostly sell on our site, We also sell in gyms and yoga studios nationwide. I love partnering with other small businesses and doing branded pipes. We did it with 30/60/90 at Equinox and it was a huge success. I would love to do something like this with SoulCycle!  

How Her Appearance on the ‘Tank’ Came About By Proscrastination

Friends, family and even customers would always say, “You really should go on Shark Tank!” One Thursday afternoon, while avoiding my email inbox, I went on and filled out an application. A few months later the show called, and the rest is history! 

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A ‘New Sense of Self Worth’ After Pitching to the Sharks

I was so nervous; I am not an extroverted person and the mere idea of pitching my business and myself under that public level of scrutiny was incredibly scary. Honestly, the biggest thing I got out of the whole experience was a new sense of self worth. I am proud of my performance and I feel much braver than I ever did before.  

Plans for the Future

We’re always thinking about how to improve the brand and offer more designs. We have a few things in the works as well as new pipe colors and prints coming late winter.

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