Panera Bread Shooting in Ridgeland, Mississippi: What You Need to Know

A shooting was reported at Panera Bread in Ridgeland, Mississippi.

One suspect has been apprehended, according to WWJX:

“The victim sustained non life threatening injuries,” Ridgeland Police Chief John Neal said, according to The Clarion-Ledger.

A witness, Susan Dorroh, told Heavy that there was an altercation between two employees, and the shooting ensued as a result.

“I didn’t actually see it happen and was in the back of the restaurant. All of the employees ran out of the kitchen yelling “Run,” Dorroh told Heavy. She continued:

Someone said he had a gun. The altercation began in the kitchen. We were just sitting here eating when the employees came running out of the kitchen yelling “Run!” One employee ran after another, and shot, and after we got out of the restaurant he shot at the other employee. It was two employees that had an altercation, and one of them pulled out a gun and went after him outside of the restaurant. They locked the doors so the guy [shooter] couldn’t get back in. And he ran off down the road, and I think the police have him now. And they took the other employee to the hospital in an ambulance.

“Police have taken our statements and we are allowed to leave now shooter was apprehended,” Dorroh later tweeted.

Heavy contacted the Ridgeland Police Department, who confirmed there was a shooting and said they would get back to us with a statement.

*This story will be updated as information becomes available, please check back.