WATCH: Quebec Mosque Shooting Live Videos

At least six people were reported shot dead and eight are in the hospital, some with critical injuries, after two gunmen opened fire at a mosque in Quebec City on January 29.

Reuters reported that up to three gunmen opened fire on those attending evening prayers at Quebec City Islamic Cultural Center in the Sainte-Foy neighborhood. The center’s president, Mohamed Yangui, said to Reuters following the ordeal, “Why is this happening here? This is barbaric.”

According to The Washington Post, one of the suspects in the shooting was arrested 14 miles east near the shore of the St. Lawrence River, near a bridge that was closed by police.

The other suspect was captured close to the mosque, police said in a briefing.

The center posted the following video on its Facebook page following the shooting from the scene:

Here are the latest videos you need to see from other sources at the scene in Canada:

Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ruled the attack a “terror attack” in a statement. He wrote that “It was with tremendous shock, sadness and anger that I hear of this evening’s tragic and fatal shooting at the Centre culturel islamique de Quebec located in the Ste-Foy neighbourhood of the city of Quebec.”

Quebec police said there were “many victims and deaths” but didn’t confirm the death toll, Reuters wrote.