Trump Inauguration Protests: The Photos You Need to See

Protests became violent and heated today during President Donald Trump's inauguration. Protesters began smashing a local Starbucks and breaking windows, prompting police to have to intervene with pepper spray at times. At least 95 protesters have been arrested so far and some have been charged with rioting. The most violent incidents happened about five blocks from the route of the presidential parade. Police and law enforcement are present en masse to try to keep protesters and supporters from clashing. Click through the gallery to see photos of the protests today. We'll add to this story as the day progresses. (Getty)




America must pray that Jesus take control of this great nation. Trump needs help from Jesus. The God, that died for sinners like the both of us. watch this guy Trump,that he does not sell us out to Russia. May God help us all. Amen.


Arrest all these criminal THUGS ! They came to be TRAITORS, commit crimes, hurt people, steal and embarrass our country. Why aren’t they at WORK? Oh, because they’re on WELFARE, ROBBING TAXPAYERS every day of their worthless lives!

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