WATCH: Toddler Rescues Twin Brother Stuck Under Dresser

A 2-year-old boy from Orem, Utah is being hailed as a hero after he made a quick move to push a dresser off of his twin brother who was stuck underneath it.

According to CNN, Bowdy Shoff and his twin brother, Brock, were playing in their room when suddenly the two boys decided to climb into an open drawer of an empty dresser. The weight of the two boys combined was enough to topple over the dresser, which landed on top of both of the boys.

Quickly, Bowdy was able to remove himself from underneath the dresser, but Brock wasn’t so lucky. He was stuck under the dresser and tried to remove himself, but was unable to.

The video shows Bowdy contemplating his options of helping his struggling brother. Initially, he tries to lift the dresser off of Brock, but it didn’t work. Suddenly, Bowdy is seen searching for a solution and without much hesitation pushes the dresser off of Brock with all of his strength, removing the dresser.

The incident was caught on home surveillance video. The parents of the twins, Kayli and Ricky Shoff, were out of the room at the time. Kayli told MSNBC that she was sleeping and woke up after the incident. She saw the dresser laying on the ground and checked the video.

The father uploaded the video on Facebook and YouTube in a post Sunday. The two said they were “hesitant” to post the video at first, but did so to raise awareness. The ordeal took place Dec. 30, 2016 at 8:30 a.m. The Shoff parents told CNN:

We didn’t hear anything, we normally hear them throwing their toys, they are super mischievous. Our house is very childproof, we are really cautious about all this stuff — so it never really crossed out minds that something like this could happen.

Ricky works for a home monitoring systems company and has the cameras throughout the family’s Utah home. Kayli said that no injuries, “not even a scratch,” were suffered by either of the twins, calling it a miracle.