WATCH: Video Footage Near Scene of Terror Attack at Reina Nightclub in Istanbul

At least 35 people were killed and another 40 were injured in an alleged terror attack at a New Year’s Eve celebration being held at Reina nightclub in Isanbul, Turkey, CNN reported.

Although it is not confirmed if ISIS has claimed responsibility, “Gov. Vasip Sahin of Istanbul Province called it a terrorist attack,” the New York Times reported. ISIS previously warned Muslims in a statement not to celebrate the 2017 New Year. “To celebrate New Year’s Eve with the kuffar is to embrace their idolatry and paganism and to shun the rulings of our Lord,” part of the statement read.

An assailant(s) dressed as Santa Claus reportedly opened fire while speaking Arabic, Ruptly reported. While some media outlets reported up the three assailants, others have said there was only one gunman.

In the surveillance video below, a person is seen dressed in Santa Claus attire and appears to be holding or firing a gun:

There were thought to be more than 500 people in attendance at the nightclub to celebrate New Year’s Eve, USA Today reported.

Footage from the scene showed chaos as civilians were escorted out, and at least six ambulances were seen, a private NTV television reported, according to ABC.

The attack comes just days after an alleged Turkish bombing on the northern Syrian city of al-Bab.

Watch videos near the scene of the attack below.

The tweeted video below is captioned “Bodies lying on the street outside #Reina Nightclub.”

Reina nightclub is seen in happier times below:


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Bob Hope

they will as soon as the perp is caught or killed. Same thing with germany. they waited 1 week until he was killed in milan to broadcast his pledge and claim responsibility

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