WATCH: Donald Trump Full Speech at Campaign Donors Dinner

Donald Trump Pre Inauguration Dinner FULL Speech 1/19/17President-elect Donald Trump spoke at a pre-inauguration donor dinner tonight and said that “This was a victory for all of us.” But during the speech Trump went down what you could describe as his greatest hits list from the campaign season, from swiping at the media (i.e. “A couple of ’em are starting to get…2017-01-20T02:26:17.000Z

Donald Trump delivered a brief speech at a campaign donors dinner this evening hours before becoming the 45th president of the United States.

Trump opened his remarks by boasting about how easily he won the election on November 8th. He also said that in 2020, he will win overwhelmingly because his first term will have gone so well.

“The next time, four years from now, we’re going to win the old fashion way…we’re going to win because we did so well, because it was so overwhelming the thing that we did, because it was so beautiful the way our cabinet has performed.”

The president-elect then said that he is very proud of his cabinet picks and that the other side is “going crazy” over them.

“There’s not a pick that I don’t love, and if there wasn’t, I would tell you right now,” Trump said. “I probably would, actually.”

In particular, Trump highlighted Sonny Perdue, who he recently named his secretary of Agriculture. Trump said that he interviewed 10 people for the job but that they were all politically correct and so he did not pick them (and also they did not have any relevant experience).

Many of those in attendance for the dinner this evening were donors, and Trump said that all of these people became very generous the day after he was elected and that he wishes they had been so generous with their money during the actual campaign.

Trump then got back to reliving the events of the election, saying that everyone told him he could not reach 270 Electoral College votes and that the cable networks have treated him badly, with the exception of Fox News.

Next, Trump highlighted his daughter, Ivanka, saying that she is a very special person who “married very well.” Referencing Ivanka’s husband, Jared Kushner, Trump seemed to imply that Kushner would be in charge of major foreign policy decisions.

“If you can’t produce peace in the Middle East, nobody can,” Trump told Kushner, who was there for the dinner. “All my life I’ve been hearing that’s the toughest deal to make.”

For a third time, Trump returned back to the events of the election, saying that he beat 18 candidates so badly. He transitioned into thanking Reince Priebus for his support and saying that if Priebus hadn’t helped him win, Trump would have told him, “You’re fired.”

Trump moved on to talking about the concert that took place at the Lincoln Memorial a few hours earlier, saying that the cable news networks have not given him enough credit for how good his speech was, implying that he had been watching cable news in the two hours between these events.

“Tomorrow seems to be the big one,” Trump said of the speech he will deliver after being sworn in as president of the United States.

Kellynanne Conway, Trump’s campaign manager, was then brought up on stage. Trump told her, “Thank you, babe,” and said that Conway often agrees to be interviewed on cable networks when his other staffers are too scared to go on.

Finally, Trump for a fourth time said that he won the election and that the pundits were wrong about him. He concluded by noting that he would see his donors again in two years when there is another election.