WATCH: Celebrities Speak at the Women’s March on Washington

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Protesters assemble during the Women’s March on Washington on January 21, 2017 in Washington, DC. (Getty)

The Women’s March on Washington is currently underway, and several celebrity speakers have already taken the stage.

At this time, three celebrities have delivered speeches at the march: America Ferrera, Gloria Steinem and Michael Moore. However, the event began just about an hour ago, and dozens more actors, musicians and activists are on their way, including Debra Messing, Evan Rachel Wood, Zendaya, Constance Wu, and Lupita Nyong’o.

America Ferrera in her speech said that a “platform of hate and division assumed power” on January 20th. She also said that President Donald Trump does not represent America.

“The president is not America,” she said. “His cabinet is not America. Congress is not America. We are America.”

Actress to Trump: You are not AmericaActress and activist America Ferrera gives a speech at a women's march in Washington following the inauguration of President Donald Trump.2017-01-21T16:19:20.000Z

The next person to take the stage was Gloria Steinem, who also said that Donald Trump does not speak for the American people.

“[President Trump] also said he was with the people,” Steinem. “Indeed, he was the people. To paraphrase a famous quote, I just want to say, I’ve met the people, and you are not them. We are the people.”

Gloria Steinem to Trump: We are the peopleActivist Gloria Steinem criticizes President Trump at the Women's March on Washington the day after Trump's inauguration.2017-01-21T16:35:21.000Z

Michael Moore struck a similar chord, saying that those at the protest are the ones in the majority.

“The majority of Americans did not want Donald J. Trump in the White House, and we are here today as their representatives,” Moore said.

Moore also told those in attendance to call Congress every single day, and he said that he would make daily posts on social media telling his followers what to call about. He also told them to join progressive groups like the ACLU.

VideoVideo related to watch: celebrities speak at the women’s march on washington2017-01-21T11:34:49-05:00

Next up, Ashley Judd took the stage and performed slam poetry, comparing President Trump to Hitler and saying that he looks like he bathes in Cheeto dust.

FNN: Ashley Judd Performs Her "Nasty" Poem At Women's March DC2017-01-21T16:53:46.000Z

Activist and political commentator Van Jones followed Ashley Judd. He said that when President Obama left Washington, D.C. yesterday, he felt like something beautiful had died, but now it has been reborn in the form of this movement. Jones also said that progressives need to stop putting down red state voters and calling them stupid and racist for voting for Trump. “Just because somebody made a bad vote doesn’t make them a bad person,” Jones said.

VideoVideo related to watch: celebrities speak at the women’s march on washington2017-01-21T11:34:49-05:00

Scarlett Johansson spoke in defense of Planned Parenthood, sharing stories of some of her friends and loved ones making use of the organization’s health services. She also delivered a message directly to President Trump.

“President Trump, I did not vote for you,” she said. “That said, I respect that you are our president elect, and I want to be able to support you. But first I ask that you support me.”

Scarlett Johansson to Trump: Support all womenActress Scarlett Johansson spoke at the Women's March on Washington to address issues of women health and inequality after President Trump's inauguration.2017-01-21T18:33:47.000Z

Alicia Keys read Maya Angelou’s “Still I Rise” and then told the demonstrators to not allow their compassionate souls to be stepped on.

“No hate, no bigotry, no Muslim registry,” she said.

VideoVideo related to watch: celebrities speak at the women’s march on washington2017-01-21T11:34:49-05:00

Referencing her new movie, Janelle Monae said that women will not remain hidden figures anymore and that injustices will not go unnoticed. She then performed her song “Hell You Talmbout” for the crowd, dedicating it to those who are victims to abuses of power. In particular, she dedicated it to Sandra Bland, asking the audience to shout out Bland’s name.

Amy Schumer took to the stage to introduce Madonna, who said that she sometimes fantasizes about blowing up the White House but that “I know that this won’t change anything. We cannot fall into despair.” She also performed two songs, and at one point yelled, “Donald Trump, suck a d—.”

VideoVideo related to watch: celebrities speak at the women’s march on washington2017-01-21T11:34:49-05:00
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