Which Reporter Did Trump Yell at and Call ‘Fake News’?

fake news

Trump yelled at a reporter during the press conference. (Getty)

During President-Elect Donald Trump’s press conference, he called out a reporter who tried to ask him a question. He told the reporter he wasn’t going to take a question from him and called him “fake news.” Who was he yelling at?

According to Olivia Nuzzi from The Daily Beast, he was yelling at Jim Acosta from CNN:

Acosta said to Trump: “Since you’re attacking us can you give us a question?… Since you’re attacking our news organization can you give us a chance?”

As he kept speaking over Trump, who was calling on a different reporter, Trump said: “Quiet… Don’t be rude.”

The reporter kept asking, “Can you give us a question?”

Trump responded:

I’m not going to give you a question. You are fake news.”

Politico noted that the reporter responded, “Mr. President-Elect, that’s not appropriate!”

You can watch the exchange below:

CNN released a report yesterday about intelligence officials claiming that Trump may have had deep ties with Russia. Later, BuzzFeed released a document about potential ties between Trump and Russia, but many other news reporters are doubting the veracity of the report. BuzzFeed even stated in their article that the reports were unverified. You can read more about that in Heavy’s story here.

It appears Trump was angry about CNN’s report, although it is possible he was also angry about other previous stories. Earlier, at the beginning of the news conference, Trump had started out by thanking the media for their professional coverage.

CNN responded to Trump’s accusation on its Twitter account:

There are mixed reactions on social media to Trump’s statement. Some are applauding him for taking a stand and some think he was being unprofessional:


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