Why Is Hillary Clinton Attending the Inauguration?

hillary clinton inauguration


Hillary Clinton’s supporters are still very unhappy that President-Elect Donald Trump is going to be president. But while many have been wondering if Clinton was going to actually attend the inauguration, it appears that yes, she and her family will be there.

Many are wondering why. The day will likely be very bittersweet for Clinton, since she won the popular vote by nearly 3 million and the race between her and Trump was quite close in some states where the electoral votes really counted. Between thousands of people protesting after his election and a very acrimonious campaign, some of Clinton’s supporters are wondering why she would attend and show her support to the new President. But others are praising her for the decision, saying it takes real maturity to do that.

Although Clinton has not spoken publicly yet about the decision, sources close to the Clintons have said that they are attending out of respect for a peaceful transfer of power. It appears that at least she and Bill will be there. We don’t have word yet about Chelsea.

Here are some people’s reactions to the news:



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