Women’s March on Washington: Photos From D.C. & Around the World

The historic Women's March on Washington is today, but women are participating all around the country and the world. There are more than 600 sister city marches, and more than two million women are estimated to be marching in solidarity today, including at least 500,000 in Washington D.C. The Women's March is in reaction to President Donald Trump's inauguration yesterday, but it's also a movement to promote women's rights and progressive ideals, such as a living minimum wage and equal rights. The event began with a huge rally in the morning and then progressed into a march that officially starts at 1 p.m. Eastern. Both men and women are participating. The event is a grassroots effort featuring nationally recognized speakers, artists, entrepreneurs, and leaders. Events in other cities were also huge, with New York City noting about 250,000 in attendance and Chicago seeing at least 250,000 show up there too. Click through the gallery to see more photos from the rallies and marches in D.C. and around the country and the world. We will add more photos as they are available. The photos include photos in D.C., Utah, London, Germany, Bulgaria, Amsterdam, Spain, Ghana, Germany, Paris, Hungary, Serbia, Australia, and more. If you want to skip directly to a Women's March that you're interested in, see our index below of all the events that are featured. (Getty)

Women's March In D.C. -- Coverage starts here, but continues on subsequent pages with details on the platform, the crowd size, and more.

Women's March in Sydney Australia

Women's March in Macau

Women's March in Amsterdam

Women's March in Germany

Women's March in Finland

Women's March in Hungary

Women's March in Prague

Women's March in Ghana

Women's March in London

Women's March in Spain

Women's March in Paris

Women's March in Bulgaria

Women's March in Serbia

The Women's March Platform

Women's March in Utah

Women's March in Chicago

Women's March in New York City

Women's March in Boston

Women's March on Los Angeles

Women's March in Arkansas

Women's March in Birmingham, Alabama (two pages)

Women's March in Austin, Texas (two pages)

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