VIDEO & PHOTOS: Anaheim Protests & Riots over LAPD Officer

Protests spiraled into unrest in Anaheim, California over a video that captured an off-duty Los Angeles police officer shooting at a teenager.

The Orange County Register reported that the protest into the video started out peaceful but “devolved” into unrest involving several hundred people. Arrests were made when some people refused orders to disburse late on February 22.

At one point, protesters even jumped on the back of a moving semi-truck.

Some of the imagery was disturbing.

The controversial video (watch it here) shows a scuffle between the officer and several juveniles; the officer discharged his firearm during the incident, according to the newspaper.

ABC7 reported that the incident “stemmed from ongoing issues with youths walking across the officer’s property. A confrontation ensued and the officer apparently tried to detain a 13-year-old, holding on to him and refusing to let go as the teen struggled to break free.” The officer discharged his gun but the bullet didn’t strike anybody, reported ABC 7.

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Christian Dorscht and the unnamed LAPD officer involved in a struggle in Anaheim. The officer fired a shot after pulling a gun on Christian, 13, and other high schoolers during a dispute over them walking on his lawn, police say.

The “get off my lawn” angle led people on social media to compare the incident to the Clint Eastwood movie, Gran Torino. Authorities promised an impartial investigation; they had not yet released the officer’s name on February 22.

The teenager, Christian Dorscht, who is Latino, was identified by his parents as the boy seen in the video.

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Christian Dorscht after he was released from juvenile detention. (Johnny Dorscht)

Christian, 13, and another boy were arrested, but the officer was not. Christian claims the off-duty officer called a girl a sexual slur during the incident.

People organized on social media using graphic language:

Here are more photos and videos being shared on social media of the unrest:

Learn more about Dorscht here: