Are the Banks Open on Presidents’ Day 2017?

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(TD Bank)

Presidents’ Day is a federal holiday, which means there’s no mail and certain finances are put on hold as well. While most banks are closed, a few choose to stay open, so it may be best to check with your local branches. Online banking and ATMs will, of course, remain open, though transactions such as transfers may not show up until the next day. U.S. stock and bond markets like the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ will be closed for the Presidents’ Day holiday. In addition, reports that, because the Federal Reserve is closed, even if your bank is open, most items will not be able to be processed until the next day anyway.

TD Bank will be open on Presidents’ Day, according to the company website. Wells Fargo will also remain open for the holiday.

Banks that are closed for the holiday include:

Bank of America
Bank of the West
Capital One Bank
Comerica Bank
Compass Bank
Fifth Third Bank
Huntington National Bank
PNC Bank
RBS Citizens
Santander Bank
SunTrust Bank
US Bank

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