WATCH: Protesters Block Betsy DeVos From Entering School

Tensions over the choice of Betsy DeVos as education secretary continue to run high as protesters blocked DeVos from entering a Washington D.C. school.

You can watch video of the incident, which occurred on February 10, above. Fox 5 reported that one of its reporters witness DeVos being pushed, and one person was arrested.

The protest occurred at Jefferson Middle School in Washington D.C.

ABC News reported that it wasn’t clear whether DeVos was able to enter the school through a different entrance. DeVos’ nomination by Donald Trump was so contentious that it marked the first time in U.S. history that a vice president cast a tie-breaking vote on a presidential cabinet selection. Democrats opposed DeVos, a wealthy Republican donor, because of her support for school vouchers.

ABC News reported that protesters wouldn’t let DeVos’ advance team near the school, either. KOMO News reported that the protest was organized by the teachers’ union. The union wanted to highlight its support for free public schools and equal educational opportunities, according to KOMO News.

According to ABC, protesters “clashed” with a Secret Service detail before DeVos arrived at the school.

You can learn more about Betsy DeVos background and her family’s wealth here:

Learn more details here about how unusual DeVos’ confirmation vote was; although, vice presidential tie breakers are not unheard of in American history, they occurred more in the 1800s and have never been used before to push a cabinet choice forward. Thus far, DeVos has garnered the most intense opposition of any of Donald Trump’s nominees.



Wolfy Al

These people need to be put in jail for violation of the Constitution. You have the right to Assembly and Protest but you do not have the right to block someones right to their own freedoms. By blocking her from entering the school you have taken away her right to do as she want’s to. What in the hell gives you that right to take away her rights? You people need to stop already and deal with your loss. She will be great for the Education system because she believes in School Choice. My son had to change schools 4 times in his High School years because of zoning. He had different friends every year and was unable to keep up with old ones for long periods of time.


When is this going to STOP? Mere jail doesn’t seem to phase them any more than a heard of so called Muslims waiting to be lit up to get their 72 virgins. The rules of LAW means nothing anymore.

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