WATCH: Body Camera Video Shows Woman Doing Cartwheels During Albuquerque DUI Stop

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Bryelle Marshall was arrested on charges of aggravated driving under the influence after she did cartwheels during sobriety tests, police said. (Albuquerque Police)

Albuquerque Police have released body camera video showing a 23-year-old woman doing cartwheels during sobriety tests after she was stopped for suspicion of drunken driving.

You can watch the video, released Tuesday, below:

Bryelle Marshall, 23, was spotted driving recklessly on February 17 in a car with an expired license plate, police said in a statement. She was later found passed out behind the wheel of her Volkswagen in the driveway to a trailer park, according to police. Her car was parked half in the driveway near a concrete wall and half in Zuni Road.

“Officers were able to wake her up when they started speaking to her. Marshall was asked to step out and appeared to be extremely intoxicated by stumbling and having a difficult time listening to officers commands,” police said.

The officer began giving Marshall instructions on how to complete standardized field sobriety tests, “to which she responded by doing cartwheels in front of officers.”

According to police, DWI officer gave her several opportunities to complete these tests to which she appeared to be having a difficult time comprehending what the officer was requesting. The officer explained to her several times that this was a serious matter and she continued to laugh. During the time the officer was attempting to demonstrate the tests, Marshall completed another cartwheel and struck the officer in the back. At this point Marshall’s opportunities to complete the tests were over and she was arrested.”

She also refused to open her mouth to show she wasn’t chewing gum or eating food, police said.

“Officers on-scene were extremely patient with Marshall, giving her several opportunities to complete the required tests,” police siad. “Based on the observations officers made of Marshall’s sobriety this situation could have been a lot worse. DWI is a serious offense and officers take this very serious. It is unfortunate decisions are made to drive after drinking.”

According to the Albuquerque Journal, Marshall tried to kick an officer in the genitals after being taken to the Prison Transport Center.

She was charged with battery, aggravated DWI and driving with an expired license plate, police said. She was booked into the Metropolitan Detention Center and released on February 18.

bryelle marshall, bryelle marshall albuquerque dui cartwheels video

(Albuquerque Police)

In the 6-minute video, Marshall can be heard laughing and not listening to the officer, as he repeatedly tells her the situation is not funny.

It begins with the officer trying to get Marshall to do a “walk and turn” test. He tells her to face forward and imagine there is a line in front of her, but instead she points her leg out toward him while standing sideways. She then raises her arms up in the air and stumbles into a fence while laughing.

“Just remember there’s a line here. Left foot on the line, right foot in front of the left, you’re going to look just like this, hands down at your sides, exactly like kind of I look but facing that direction” the officer tells Marshall. “Do you feel like you’re in that position? Because you’re not.”

She tells him she is in that position and he responds, “No, no you’re not.”

Eventually she moves to where the officer wants her to be, but she instead raises her hands above her head.

“We’re not doing yoga,” the officer tells her. “I don’t know what you’re doing, put your hands down.” She then does a cartwheel away from him. “Ok, I didn’t ask you to do a somersault,” the officer says, warning her if she continues to ignore his directions, he will take it as a refusal to do the tests and arrest her.

As she laughs he says, “this is pretty serious. This is very serious. This isn’t a joke, this isn’t a ha ha.”

The officer continues to ask her to follow his directions and after about a minute she does another cartwheel, this time ending up sitting on the ground.

bryelle marshall, bryelle marshall albuquerque dui cartwheels video

(Albuquerque Police)

“I don’t know why you’re doing somersaults, or cartwheels, whatever you call them,” the officer says to Marshall as she sits on the ground.

“Yeah, me neither,” she responds as she stands up.

After about two more minutes of the officer trying to get Marshall into position to do the test, he demonstrates it for her. She then does a third cartwheel, and the officer tells her, “we’re done.”

Marshall is then arrested.

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