WATCH: NYPD Officers Use Taser on 17-Year-Old Pregnant Girl

A 17-year-old pregnant girl can be seen screaming in pain as NYPD officers use a Taser on her during an arrest in an apartment building in The Bronx in a video posted online this week.

The cell phone video, which you can watch above, was recorded February 10 as NYPD cops arrested Dailene Rosario, the New York Daily News reports. The incident is now under investigation by police brass, as questions have been raised about whether the use of the stun gun was necessary.

Police say they were responding to a medical call in the building when they came upon a fight involving Rosario’s boyfriend and her sister’s boyfriend, News 12 reports. The fight was over a video game, the family told the news station.

According to the family, Rosario’s sister refused to let police into the apartment without a warrant, and the officers called for backup. Dailene Rosario told the officers she needed to step out for fresh air, and they then told her she was being arrested.

“The officer said, ‘Oh, since you’re refusing,’ he grabbed my arm and I got pulled into the crowd of cops,” Rosario told News 12.

(Youtube Screenshot)

(Youtube Screenshot)

The video was posted to social media and to the website World Star Hip Hop, where it had been viewed more than 100,000 times on Tuesday, the same day it went online.

Rosario can be heard yelling to the officers that she is pregnant, and bystanders echo her cries. She yells for the officers to get off her. She is then hit with a Taser by a plainclothes officer in a New York Jets hat.

About a dozen officers can be seen in the video.

“I was resisting them because I didn’t do anything wrong,” Rosario told News 12.

According to the Daily News, Rosario, who is 14 weeks pregnant, charged with resisting arrest, obstructing governmental administration and disorderly conduct.

“We are aware of the incident,” an NYPD spokesman told the Daily News. “It is under internal review.”

The family told News 12 that after Rosario was Tasered, the officers broke down an apartment door to arrest her sister’s boyfriend.

Rosario sustained bruises during the incident, News 12 reports. Her family said they plan to sue.

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Oh my gosh seriously wow she’s pregnant and the stress it puts on her body and the baby. Hope she’s okay.


You’re not serious are you?! I mean she was acting like an animal. A dumb immature and irresponsible human being who deserved what she got. Nobody would’ve cared if the baby died. She is useless to this world and everyone like her, useless. Pregnant or not you get tased for being erratic like there’s no tomorrow. Her mom should’ve aborted her. The cops didn’t do anything wrong. She should’ve cooperated like a normal human being and not act like a wild animal. Period.


When you need to step out to get some air, you would think that’s a simple request, right? When I need some air, and someone comes between me and my air, it makes me think they are trying to kill me. It is hard to obey any one when you want and need some air. I wouldn’t even call that resisting arrest. You need to learn to put yourself in other peoples place before you open you rightious mouth, dumb ass!


benny your the dumbass its so very simple listen to what your told and do it

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