Nationwide General Strike: Photos from Protests & Rallies Around the Country

A nationwide, general strike took place on Friday, February 17. Tens of thousands of people participated in the majority of states across the country. They skipped work or school and, instead, attended rallies and marches across the country.  One of the groups organizing the events is Strike4Democracy. In New York City alone, nearly 20,000 people responded with interest in a march. You can see a list of strikes and protests planned for for the day in Heavy's story here. The strike is a protest against President Donald Trump and many of his recent policies, including an immigration ban. The turnout for the strikes and associated events was high and may encourage similar events in the future. Click through the gallery to learn more about what happened today and see photos from some of the marches and rallies associated with the strike from around the country. In this photo, protesters gather outside a U.S. District Court during a hearing for Daniel Ramirez Medina in Seattle. (Getty)

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