H.R. McMaster’s Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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H.R. McMaster is married to Kathleen Trotter McMaster. (Getty)

Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster was named President Donald Trump‘s new National Security Adviser on February 20. McMaster is married to Kathleen Trotter McMaster,/A> and the two have three daughters, Katharine, Colleen and Caragh.

Here’s a look at McMaster’s family.

1. McMaster Met His Wife in 1983 & Married 2 Years Later

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President Donald Trump shakes hands with US Army Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster, his news national security adviser. at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, on February 20, 2017. (Getty)

McMaster was featured in Tom Clancy’s 1994 nonfiction book Armored Cav: A Guided Tour of an Armored Cavalry Regiment. In an interview with Clancy, McMaster mentioned that he met his wife while he was playing rugby in 1983 for the Army team during his time at West Point.

According to Network News, McMaster and Kathleen ‘Katie’ Trotter dated for two years before they married in 1985. That summer, they arrived in Fort Hood, Texas.

In 2013, she was living at Fort Benning, Georgia, where she mentored new military spouses. She also helped set up the Battle Buddy Resource Center.

2. Katharine Currently Works in Washington, D.C.

As of 2013, Katharine works as a defense analyst in Washington, D.C. She is a graduate of Villanova University. She was born at Fort Hood.

3. Colleen Graduated from the University of San Diego

Colleen is the McMasters’ middle child. She graduated from her mother’s alma mater, the University of San Diego, according to a Network News For Professional and Executive Women newsletter. She is earning her masters from Johns Hopkins University.

Colleen is currently a kindergarten teacher. She was also a 2014 Teach for America Corps member and taught in Connecticut.

Colleen was also an assistant for San Diego Fire Lawyers, a personal assistant for Family Concierge Services and an administrative assistant at the Monroe Civilian Personal Advisory Center.

4. Colleen’s Fiance Is Also in the Army

This year, Colleen is getting married to Lee Robinson. According to her wedding website, she was introduced to Robinson at an Officer Candidate School social at Fort Benning in 2013.

In 2014, Robinson was called to Military Intelligence training in Arizona and serves in the U.S. Army. He joined the 75th Ranger Regiment in June 2015. A year later and a day after his graduation, he proposed to Colleen and she said yes.

Colleen’s sisters will be her Maids of Honor.

5. Caragh Is Also a Teach For America Corps Member

Caragh McMaster, HR McMaster children, HR McMaster family

Caragh McMaster. (LinkedIn)

According to her LinkedIn page, the McMasters’ youngest daughter, Caragh, is following in her mother’s and sister’s footsteps. In 2015, she became a Teach for America Corps Member and also worked in Connecticut.

Caragh graduated from the University of Virginia in 2015 with a Bachelors of Arts in Philosophy and Religious Studies. She also has an interest in radio, as she’s interned and been a D.J. at WTJU 91.1 FM in Charlottesville, Virginia.