Hotels By Day on ‘Shark Tank’: A Look Inside the Company

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Hotels By Day entered the Shark Tank in Season 8 with their service that allows guests to book rooms for morning, mid-day or afternoon stays.

We interviewed the founder and CEO of the New York City startup, Yannis Moati, who said that feedback from participating hotels has been positive. They have noted that the process is more seamless than ​originally ​anticipated and appreciate the extra revenue for rooms that would otherwise remain vacant throughout the day.

At the moment, they can be found in hotels spanning across 227 cities, but that statistic will definitely be changing. Moati is hoping to expand to Las Vegas, Washington DC, Seattle, Atlanta and even Tokyo.
As for the future of Hotels by Day, he said their plans is “to integrate our technology into different booking platforms, so that our day stays become ubiquitous and connect to night stays upon request for guests wishing to check-in early.”

Here’s what else he told us about…

How the Idea Came About

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As a travel agent and tour operator for 15 years, I personally faced the problem of rigid check-in and check-outs for my clients and for myself. There was no flexibility in hotel bookings and I wanted to use modern tech tools to solve this problem, and turn hospitality hospitable again.

Their Customer Demographic

Sixty-three percent male, 37 percent female. ​55 percent leisure, 19 percent business travelers, 12 percent leisure​, 8 percent airport layover. Our biggest age category is 31 to 49 years of age. Our biggest household income category is $11​5K to $175K a year. ​

Pros & Cons to Operating a Startup in New York City

The pro is the ecosystem of startup founders, who are all willing to help out. The con is the cost of living, which leads to tremendous pressures in acquiring and retaining talent.​

The ‘Tank’ Experience

We were approached by the Shark Tank casting crew​. We were more nervous prior to the show, especially on walking the hallway. Once on set, a sense of calm took over.​