Spotify Music: The Top 5 Best Ways to Make a Playlist

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When you think about Spotify, massive and simplistic come to mind.

When it comes to creating playlists, the process is quite simple. Discovering music and other playlists, however, is a whole different story. With 40 million subscribers and 100 million active users, you are looking at a massive amount of musical options.

When thinking about creating your playlists, there are plenty of considerations. Playlists can be created by activity, genre, mood or just about anything in between. In fact, there are currently over one billion streams played each week, and two billion playlists on Spotify. It used to be that when we burned CDs or made cassettes, you created mixes with only songs you owned. Now with a library of 30 million songs from Spotify, the possibilities are endless.

If you are looking to make a playlist of your favorite songs, or you are looking to discover new music based on your listening habits, most Spotify users could use some guidance.

To manually make a playlist from songs in the Spotify library, you can follow these simple steps.

First, Log into your account here.
Next, search for a song, and then tap on the ellipsis symbol (…) to the right of the song.
Finally, hit add to playlist to either add the song to an existing playlist or create your own new playlist.

If you happen to find a playlist on Spotify you like, you can simply hit the FOLLOW button and add that list to your own library of music.

However, if you are looking to discover new music and playlists, we’ve found five playlist sources that will help. Each of these will help you discover music and playlists that mirror your tastes or help you expand your musical wings. That’s the beauty of Spotify.

Discover Weekly

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Back in high school, you had that friend who would come to class each week with a brand new cassette tape of bands and songs you never knew existed. There was a thrill playing that cassette each week because it opened a whole new world of music for you. Today, that cassette tape is essentially Discover Weekly.

Every Monday morning, 75 million Spotify users get one of those new mixtapes in the form of 30 new songs that are perfectly chosen just for you. Discover Weekly automatically appears in the playlists section of Your Music or Your Library and is updated with fresh music every Monday.

If you’re a Spotify user, you can see the songs Spotify picked for you this week.

How does Spotify do it? It’s based on your listening history, other Spotify users with similar music tastes, and some funky algorithms.

For starters, Spotify looks at the two billion or so playlists created by its users. All playlists are considered whether they are professionally curated or a buddy’s favorite tunes from college. Spotify also creates a profile of each user’s individualized taste in music, grouped into clusters of artists and micro-genres that can be as broad as rock or more specific like electro pop. If Spotify notices that two of your favorite songs tend to appear on playlists along with a third song you haven’t heard before, it will suggest the new song to you.

To put it simply, Discover Weekly just seems to get it right. Remember that each week, it’s a brand new list so if you want to keep track of songs in the current Discover Weekly, save them to another playlist before the following Monday.

Magic Playlist

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Spotify lets you do many amazing things. Quickly creating playlists is not one of them. The process of creating your playlists can take a lot of time because you need to individually add tracks. Likely one of the only ways to make this quicker would be to add entire albums of your favorite artists, but that’s not curating a great list.

Magic Playlist is a web-based tool that lets you create lists really quickly and easily. Plus you’ll discover lots of great music on the way. Simply type in an album or song, and Magic Playlist will generate a playlist for you.  You can then save this list directly on Spotify.

So how does Magic Playlist do it?

It’s essentially a web app that uses an algorithm and the Spotify API to create playlists based on songs you give it. The algorithm detects the main artists and creates a playlist based on their rated tracks. You also have the ability to preview each song, remove it and more. If you like the list that’s generated, just give it a name and save it your account. One thing to note is that you can delete any unwanted tracks before saving the playlist to Spotify, but you can’t reorder the list.


Playlist Manager

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What if over the course of time, you’ve built many playlists and now you want to add or remove songs or switch songs within different playlists. Playlist Manager can help.

Playlist Manager allows you to easily organize and edit your different playlists. It works by merging the songs of your selected playlists into one view, so you can easily add and remove songs from different playlists.

Simply log into the app here, and it will bring up all your playlists on one screen It sorts all of your songs by different parameters including date added, or filter by name of song or artists.
Users can also quickly play a 30-second preview of any song, as well as play the full song inside Spotify.

The one drawback is that it currently only works on the desktop Chrome browser.

Fresh Finds Playlists

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If your goal is to find new playlists of undiscovered artists, then Fresh Finds Playlists is a great option. Fresh Finds Playlist was created following the success of Discover Weekly, as a way to discover new music and expand your musical tastes.

According to Brian Whitam, Principal Scientist at Spotify, “Spotify has always focused on artists and listeners, and with Fresh Finds we’re specifically looking at new creators, digging deeper to understand how undiscovered artists can attract a huge fan base”.

Fresh Finds scours music blogs and news sites to analyze the listening behaviors of the top tastemakers on Spotify. Fresh Finds then discovers new artists and creates new playlists with the most promising music.

The lists are updated each Wednesday, and curated across five genres, including:

Fresh Finds (brand new breakout tracks spread across five genres)

Fire Emoji (hip-hop)

Basement (electronic)

Hiptronix (vocal pop)

Six Strings (guitar driven)

Cyclone (experimental)


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There was a day where to find out what the best music was around the globe, you’d listen to the Top 40 Countdown. Casey Kasem anyone?

Topsify recreates that magic with a Spotify tool that accesses the Top 40 playlists in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Sweden. There are also specialized playlists for American Top 40 R&B and hip-hop, and the Swedish Top 40 dance and club charts.

All you do is visit Topsify to find links to the latest charts. You can also subscribe to Topsify’s Spotify profile. That way, you can view the latest charts as soon as they’re updated.

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